After launching the 1450 Club livestream, I decided that the livestreaming service we used to bring you the 1450 Club needed an upgrade to give subscribers the best experience possible.


After scouring nearly every available option out there, I landed on Webinato as the best possible option.


Webinato is an amazing platform that offers a large video player with great clarity, and nearly zero latency – but there’s one step that you need to take to ensure that your experience with it runs as smoothly as possible.


And that’s downloading Webinato mobile application.


To view any event on this platform, having the app installed is a requirement.


So if you haven’t already, download the Webinato mobile app on your phone.


This app is available for IOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices and can be found in their respective app stores. With this app, it allows you to access the 1450 Club Livestream from anywhere in the world.


Please follow the steps below based on the browser you use on your mobile device.

FOR IPHONE (APPLE) & Chrome (android) USERS:


STEP 1: Go to and click the “Launch Livestream” button. When you launch your Livestream session, you will see this screen.



Under “Step 1” listed on this screen, click on your phone type to be redirected to the app store to download the Webinato App. This app is free to download and use.


STEP 2: Once you’ve downloaded the app, click “Tap here to launch” from the image above.


STEP 3: Enter your name as you’d like to appear in the trading room. You may use initials or a “screenname” if you prefer”


STEP 4: Enjoy the 1450 Club livestream!


Special note: be sure to test your sound before we kick off at 9:30 a.m. You’ll want to adjust it to your preference.


The last step you can take to ensure your success here at the 1450 Club is an important one…


When it comes to the days you can’t make the 1450 Club Livestream – I’ll be sending out trade updates, in real time, to ensure you have the same opportunity as the rest of your fellow members. All you have to do is turn the notifications on.


And the best part? It’s simple.


When you log onto the 1450 Club page, you’ll see a button that looks like this…


Click it. A popup will appear…


All you have to do is click “Allow” and now, you will receive a browser notification every time I send out a new trade – that way you never miss a beat.


You can also signup for text alerts by following the links in the footer of any page of the 1450 Club website.


I look forward to seeing you at the next 1450 Club Livestream!


Andrew Keene

Founder, 1450 Club

Community Tips


  1. Dennis Krygier says:

    I keep getting a message that I have been logged out when I try to launch and enter. What’s going on?

  2. Robert says:

    Why can’t I log in to the 303 trading room using my iPhone

  3. James Lewis says:

    First, Adobe Flash is not supported on IOS. So when you click “launch” you open a tab that tells you you need Adobe Flash which you cannot get.

    Second after downloading Webinato, copying and pasting the link does nothing. NADA.

    There are no replies to the few comments posted. Please advise on this your page is incorrect.

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