To make sure this experience runs as smoothly as possible in the 1450 Club Live Trading Room, here are step-by-step instructions on how to easily access the 1450 Club Live Trading Room action.


Now, let’s get started…


I know you’re eager to hop on the room and get things started. Trust me, I am too. But with Webinato, I can only open the room 15 minutes before it starts. So, don’t panic if the button isn’t available on The 1450 Club website – it will be available at 9:15 AM (ET).


But at 9:15, it’s go time. Click the green button to get started.



Immediately, another window will open on your screen. Don’t stress, this is supposed to happen. It will look like this…



Downloading the Webinato application is the only way to view the live trading room. Before you can watch the livestream you’ll need to add the application to your computer.


Click “Use Webinato Application” to continue on to the room through your browser. The following pop-up will appear:



If you have already downloaded the application, click Open Webinato to proceed to the Trading Room.


If you have not yet downloaded the application, click Cancel and a new page will appear.

Installing the Webinato application on Windows


First, you’ll need to click the Download & Double-click the Webinato Application Setup file link:


The setup file will then be downloaded (in most cases, it will be downloaded to the Downloads folder).


Locate the downloaded file on your computer and double click it to run the installer. Follow the instructions in the setup.




  • During this step, Windows Security may interfere and block the installation of the application. the error you will see here is typical “Windows SmartScreen Protected your PC.” To run the installer from here, click the More Info link, followed by the Run anyway
  • If other antivirus or internet security application blocks or promotes some action to continue, please allow the program to be installed by following any on-screen instructions.


Follow the installer prompts to complete installation:


To let all the users on the same computer access it, select Anyone who uses the computer (recommended).



Accept the User Account Control prompt, if present.


In the next window, you can select the install location. Keep the defaults and click Install.


Click FinishKeep the box for Run Webinato checked for faster completion of these steps.



When you click Finish, the app should run for the first time.

Please watch the following tutorial video for further guidance: Windows Tutorial Video

Installing the Webinato application on MacOS


Begin by clicking the Download the Webinato Application dmg file link.



When you click the link Download the Webinato Application dmg file link, the setup file will be downloaded (in most cases, it will be downloaded to the Downloads folder).


Double-click the dmg file to open the installation window in your Finder.


Drag the Webinato Icon onto the Applications folder icon to copy it there.


If it requires permissions, please allow all.


Please watch the following tutorial video for further guidance: MacOS Tutorial Video



The last step you can take to ensure your success here at the 1450 Club is an important one…


When it comes to the days you can’t make the 1450 Club Livestream – I’ll be sending out trade updates, in real time, to ensure you have the same opportunity as the rest of your fellow members. All you have to do is turn the notifications on.


And the best part? It’s simple.


When you log onto the 1450 Club page, you’ll see a button that looks like this…


Click it. A popup will appear…


All you have to do is click “Allow” and now, you will receive a browser notification every time I send out a new trade – that way you never miss a beat.


You can also signup for text alerts by following the links in the footer of any page on the 1450 Club website.


See you in the room,

Andrew Keene

Founder, 1450 Club

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