To make sure this experience runs as smoothly as possible in the 1450 Club Live Trading Room, I wanted to send you step-by-step instructions on how to enable your flash sure to ensure that you can easily access the 1450 Club Live Trading Room action.

But before we kick this off, I want you to make sure you’ve downloaded this plugin. Click here to ensure you’ve downloaded the plugin.

Now, let’s get started…

If you are using Google Chrome:

Step 1: Go to Content Settings

This will save you a lot of time, and will prevent having to scroll through all the menus. The easiest way to access Chrome settings is through the address bar. Enter: chrome://settings/content into the address bar and press enter.

Put chrome://chrome//settings/content/content in your search via browser

Step 2: Scroll to the Flash tab

Go to the bottom of Content Settings menu, under JavaScript, you will locate the Flash tab. Click it

On Settings > locate the Flash option.

Step 3: Turn off “Block sites from running Flash.”

Once you turn off the “Block sites from Running Flash” button, you’ll notice the feature is now set to “Ask first.” From this point on, when you encounter a Flash plug-in, like when you access the 1450 Club Trading Room, you’ll be asked if you want to run Flash for that particular site. It will look like this:

Click 'Allow' button to Run Flash

You’ll want to hit “allow” – and just like that, your 1450 Club Trading Room access is granted

If you are using Safari:

Step 1: Open Safari, and open preferences.

In Safari, click on Safari in the header and go to Preferences.

For this, you’ll head to the top of your safari window and click “Safari” from there you will find Preferences. Click that.

Step 2: Click the Websites tab and scroll down to the Plug-ins section. Locate the Adobe Flash Player entry.

Locating the Adobe Flash Player entry

Head to the website tab, and go down to the Adobe Flash Player option.

Step 3: Click the check box to enable Flash Player.

Select the the checkbox to enable Flash Player

Step 4: Select a setting to use for Flash Player when you visit other websites.

Selecting an option of your choice

When it comes to this, select the option of your choice. I would encourage you to choose “ask” so you are in control of what sites use this plug in.

Step 5: You can configure Flash for individual websites (domains). Select a website listed in this window, and choose Ask, Off, or On.

Allowing websites to use the plug-in

This is where you will add to your list.

You’ll get this popup – which you will need to click “trust.”

Image result for would you like to enable flash on safari

And from there – you’re set!

If you’re using Internet Explorer

Step 1: Open Internet Explore and click the Tools icon in the upper-right corner of the browser. The icon looks like a small gear.

Navigate to the tools icon in the Internet Explorer browser in the upper portion of the browser window.

Step 2: Once clicked, a pop-up menu appears. Click the Manage Add-ons option.

Click the Manage Add-ons option

Step 3: In the box that opens, find and click the option called Tools and Extensions.

Navigate to tools and extensions

Step 4: On the right side of the box, look for an option called Shockwave Flash Object and click it. Enable option at the bottom-right of the window.

Click enable options at the bottom portion of the window.

And you’re good to go!

If you’re using Microsoft Edge…

Step 1: Open the Edge Menu by clicking the “…” button at the top right of the screen.

Navigate and select the three ellipses ... in the Microsoft Edge browser window.

Step 2: In the drop-down, click Settings.

Select the Settings option.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and click the View advanced settings button.

Select the "View Advanced Settings' option.

Step 4. You’ll find an option for the Use of Adobe flash player, and you’ll want to click to enable it.

Enable the Adobe Flash Player Option

And that’s it!! You’re now set for 1450 Club Trading Room.

If you’re using Firefox…

Step 1: Open Firefox and click the Tools option on the top-right of the screen.

Select the option in the Firefox browser to open Tools.

As you can see, it looks like three horizontal lines.

Step 2: Once the menu drops down, click “Add-ons.”

Select the Add-ons option in the menu.

Step 3: Look to the right side of your screen and choose the “Plugins” option.

Choose Shockwave plug-in

Step 4: Scroll through the list of Plugins until you find Shockwave Flash.

Scroll to the shockwave plug-in option on the list.

Step 5: Click the drop-down box Shockwave Flash plugin and choose “Ask to Activate” or “Always Activate” – whichever you are comfortable with.

Activate Shockwave Plug-in

If you choose ask to activate, Firefox will send a popup when you access Webinato asking if you want the Flash plugin to run. Select allow.

And now, you’re all set.

I hope you’ll find this guide informative. Make sure to save it somewhere secure in case you ever need it.

Great trading and God bless you,

Andrew Keene

Founder, 1450 Club

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