Portfolio Tracker FAQ

Q: What is Portfolio Tracker?

Portfolio Tracker is a way to keep track of your portfolio where you can be view the stock prices and be alerted via email when content is written about that stock. Go here to check it out!

Q: How do I get started?

  1. Start typing a stock into the search bar
  2. You will see the search results below
  3. Click on your choice with your mouse or use your keydown button to select the stock and hit enter
  4. Your stock will now show below in the Portfolio Tracker

Q: Do I have to receive alerts?

You do not have to receive the email alerts. You are more than welcome to keep the stock in your portfolio tracker. To turn off the content updates simply uncheck the box to the right that says “When content about stock is published.”

  • When the box is checked you will receive alerts
  • When the box is unchecked you will not receive alerts

Q: What does the icon mean?

This investment is not currently supported by Portfolio Tracker, but stay tuned – our team is hard at work to expand Portfolio Tracker’s capabilities.