My number-one trade recommendation to potentially score big on the new COVID-19 vaccine hopes

Even with the vaccine progress, the coronavirus is here to stay for the foreseeable future. So that’s why today, I’m giving you my number-one trade recommendation to potentially score big no matter what the market does next. Let’s get started…

Hey traders, Andrew Keene CEO and President of the 1450 Club – I’m going to give you a trade.

Coronavirus is here to stay for a little bit longer. And we have that vaccine coming up from Pfizer. 50 million units okay, not treatments, because you need two of those for one.

So 50 million this year and then they said next year there will be about 500 million. Divide that by two.

But I like Zoom video.

This stock used to be $588. It got down to $368. It is down $200 from the highs.

This is an opportunity to get in the stock – I love it here.

It is trading at a P/E ratio before coronavirus. And you know how many more people are using zoom now?

Business will change a little bit but not that much.

Zoom video is here to stay.

I love it here.

Thanks traders