Profit Pregame

Veteran shares #1 secret to his new trading side hustle (profits while in his wheelchair)

By Money Morning Staff

Meet Vietnam War Veteran Thomas Johnson.

When he’s not cruising in his 1989 Ford pickup, he loves relaxing by the water, enjoying the freedoms he risked his life to protect.

Less than a year ago, he realized his life savings were far less than he expected.

He saw that his savings couldn’t provide the comfortable lifestyle he dreamed of.

Thomas grew more anxious as he worried about making his mortgage payments.

Who would take care of his wife if something happened to him and his retirement benefits?

What he would leave for his children?

Then, he heard about one simple strategy designed to profit from the “hot information” used by insiders on Wall Street.

The creator of this strategy is former floor trader turned Wall Street outsider Andrew Keene, who has helped thousands of ordinary Americans bring in easy extra cash week after week.

Thomas watched Andrew’s video about how his S.C.A.N. system helps Andrew spot insiders trading in real time, provide clear entry and exit notifications and minimize risk while maximizing profit.

But he wasn’t sure if this was for him.

He understood that options trades are speculative and that people do lose money.

Plus, he had never traded an option before and had no idea where to start.

But as he researched more, he discovered that Andrew was willing to get on a live video call to demonstrate his trades.

He figured he didn’t have to know anything about the stock market or options.

By simply clicking the same buttons to make the same trades, he could set himself up for easy profits.

Not every trade would be a winner but if a young guy can bring in weekly cash, Thomas figured he could use the same system to do it too.

Thomas was thrilled to find out how much easier to use S.C.A.N. than he first thought.

He paper traded a few times to make sure he understood how the trades worked and to track performance.

When he felt confident in Andrew and himself, he put real money on the line.

With Andrew’s help, the profits rolled in!

All it took was 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week trading from his wheelchair to maximize his profits.

That meant he could spend the rest of his day sitting on the lake, visiting his family and not worrying about money.

He was impressed that all his research questions were answered in the live trading room by the trading expert Andrew Keene himself.

Within three months, Thomas made more money than his entire annual medical retirement income.

Plus, he was having fun watching his savings balance increase instead of decrease each month.

And Thomas isn’t alone.

Thousands of ordinary Americans have used this new options strategy to help bring in easy cash week after week.

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