Options Have Become the Obvious Choice - Here's the Secret

By Andrew Keene

The conventional investing wisdom is now, officially, irrelevant.

Just a few years ago, you could invest in stocks without worry.

But nowadays… good luck.

Stock buybacks, high-frequency trading, questionable accounting practices, and widespread stock price manipulation have made it all but impossible for individual investors to make real money on stocks.

Stocks are no longer the “safe,” “retail-friendly” investment the big banks like to say they are.

But there’s another way…

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Options are now easier, more affordable, and more lucrative than they’ve ever been.

Listen, I know for most investors, options trading is new. You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve even set your account up, but you’ve never done it.

But I cannot emphasize enough – it’s incredibly simple.

Trading options can be just as easy as buying stocks. You buy at one price, sell at another, and pocket any profits.

But when you buy options, you aren’t purchasing a single share. You’re in control of 100 shares of stock for a FRACTION of the price.

The upside? Unlimited. All it takes is a small stock move – even just 2% – for the option to double or even triple in just a week.

The downside? Just as with stocks, options can decline in value. And just as with stocks, 100% of your investment is at risk at any given time.

But options allow you to dramatically limit your risk. They cost far less (many of the options I trade cost less than $50), and they are a fixed-time security, meaning your money can only be at risk until the option expires.

Now – I get it. Anything new is scary, especially when we’re talking about your money.

That’s why I like sharing the success stories from my readers. These AREN’T expert traders. They AREN’T any smarter than you. All they did was give options a try, and just look at the results

Andrew Keene

“I’m a 56-year-old laid-off long-haul truck driver. Started with $100 and in 6 months am up to $2,000. So glad I found you!” – Ricky D.

“In 2 days I turned $2,466 into $5,717– King C.

“I started with $500. My account has doubled in three days– Jeff D.

“Hi, Andrew. I just wanted to thank you! I made 1,900% on KFT and  turned $1,350 into $27,000 in just two weeks.” – Carol S.

“In 48 hours I turned $1,600 into $3800– Mike A.

“Invested $1,600, made $2,900 in two days– James K.

“Started with $1,500. Made $1920 in 48 hours– Monica W.

I share my research and options recommendations with over 28,000 people. If they can do it, I’m sure you can too.

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