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Millennial Trading Expert Made a Fortune with the Help of an Obscure Japanese Technique

Andrew Keene was living the good life.

He was a floor trader at one of the world’s largest exchanges

A millionaire before he turned 30…

And spending his cash as quickly as he could… filling his life with high-end suits and luxury cars.

It seemed like the party would never end…

Until the 2008 financial crisis knocked him out flat.

In just four months, he lost more money than most people will make in their entire lives.

Sleeping on his parent’s couch and burning through his savings, Andrew was desperate to start over. So he fled to Asia where he spent six months teaching English in a Buddhist monastery.

But he always intended to start trading again. So he continued to study the craft late into the night – determined to find the missing piece.

Eventually, he stumbled across a little-known text.

Published in Japanese almost 50 years ago, this text talked about a trading indicator called the Ichimoku cloud.

It was so obscure that it’d been virtually lost to Western Civilization.

But thanks to his years of experience Andrew realized…

It was possibly the best method to predict if a stock will go up or down ever created.

By combining this technique with everything else he learned after making thousands of trades…

Andrew was able to create an entirely new trading strategy.

He raced back to the U.S. and immediately put his new strategy to the test.

The result?

In just two years…

He grew a trading account of $200,000 into $5 million.

He was enjoying life as a millionaire again.

Now, he’s a world traveler and a frequent guest on the CNBC show Trading Nation.

But this time, Andrew wants to give back instead of living selfishly like the first time.

So he’s devoted his life to teaching this trading strategy all over the world in order to help as many people as he can reach financial independence.

Over 50,000 students have learned his technique so far. And the results are astounding

“This year I was able to retire at 58. Before Andrew [I] was continually losing money.” – David G.

“Invested $900 cashed out for $2500. 48 hours. [Andrew] gives you all the tools you need to make money.” – James B.

“Started trading 8 weeks ago with $2,600 now my account is $9,900!! Thank you Andrew.” – Mark N.

Of course, Andrew is quick to point out that past performance does not guarantee future returns. People do lose money in investing.

But even with everything going on today…

Including a global pandemic…

And a struggling economy…

Andrew says his strategy can work as well as ever.

In fact…

He says that by trading for just 30 minutes, 3 days per week…

The average American can use his strategy to bring in money every week.

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