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Obscure “Code” Exposes Most Lucrative Trades of Hedge Funds and Investment Banks

By Money Morning Staff

An obscure “code” is revealing when hedge funds and investment banks are making incredibly lucrative trades.

Trades that wouldn’t make sense to the everyday American simply because the company wasn’t in the news…

And, in fact, this code could be tracking insiders trading in real time and allow investors to tag along on these mysterious trades – taking a slice of the profits.

This code was discovered in Japan over 50 years ago and was almost lost to Western civilization.

Only a few specialists in the West know that it even exists…

But those who do think it is the best way ever devised to see where a stock may go before it even happens.

But how?

This obscure code can show huge, crazy spikes in data that allow folks to instantly uncover unusual trades.

Tons of “hot” information gets passed all around on Wall Street. And the bigger it is, the more it leaks out. That gives these guys the ultimate advantage.

So they start to place unusual orders so huge that it would normally take all of Wall Street days to match…

And that is the moment when this obscure “code” detects and allows folks to position right alongside them and make some extra income.

This is controversial, but click here to check out more information about this obscure “code” and the men exposing this Wall Street secret.