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People Are Flocking to Andrew Keene
Is His New Trading Strategy

Andrew Keene had hit rock bottom. What happened next is one for the record books.

By Money Morning Staff

Have you heard about the new trading phenomenon that is sweeping the nation?

It is the brainchild of Andrew Keene.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen him on TV.

He’s on all the time.

He is the millionaire trader who had EVERYTHING.

Sweet cars, houses, trips around the world… you name it, he could buy it.

Then the bottom dropped out.

In four months, he lost more money than most people make in their entire lives.

Suddenly, he was at rock bottom.

So he went to teach kids English at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand for six months, just to clear his head.

That’s where he discovered the biggest breakthrough of his entire career… an obscure trading technique that was almost lost to western civilization.

What happened next is one for the record books.

He cobbled together a $200,000 stake for his trading account and went back to work.

Two years later, he had $5 million in profits.

All thanks to this one low-cost strategy.

It’s the new trading technique he’s been sharing with thousands of everyday Americans.

There are stories about people from coast to coast who have retired from their jobs, paid off all their debt, put their kids through college, and bought their dream homes.

All because of what they learned in this short video.

Like Tonya Jansen…

At one point, she was working three jobs a day, seven days a week just to make ends meet.

Then she started using this trading strategy for herself.

Now, her money worries are over, and she’s free to spend a lot more time with her family and help out in her community.

And there’s Eric Hollis.

He was losing so much money trading that he swore to his wife he would never tell anyone how much money he lost on stocks.

But it was enough to buy a brand-new Porsche.

Then he started following me.

Now retirement is fully funded. Paying for college is a breeze. He and his wife travel, and he is nearly debt-free.

All because of this one low-cost strategy.

Crazy, right? But here is the really crazy part…

Neither of them is glued to their computers for eight hours a day.

Because with this new trading hack, you only need to work 90 minutes a week.

Could you be next?

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