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New “insiders trading” strategy brings in triple-digit gains within days

By Money Morning Staff

If you’ve lost money trading in the stock market before, it’s not your fault.

You weren’t using a proven strategy to bring in easy weekly cash.

Thousands of ordinary Americans have already swiped this one simple strategy to help transform their lives.

Like Mason Smith, who became the hero for his business and the envy of his friends in just eight weeks.

After losing his 22-year-old food business, he sought the guidance of former floor trader and millennial millionaire Andrew Keene.

By clicking the same buttons that Keene recommended during his living trading room sessions, Mason grew his entire account over 280% in just eight weeks.

Or Christina Flores, a flight attendant concerned about the future of her employment.

Although skeptical at first while watching Andrew Keene’s “Extra Income Project” video, she decided to tune in to Keene’s live trading room for 30 minutes, three times a week.

The result… 153% profit in two days.

Christina was so thankful she sent Keene a personal note exclaiming, “I don’t even know if I will have a job to go back to. I now feel confident I can make money. YOU ARE MY HERO!!”

And of course, we have to also recognize Tim Phillips for his transformation.

Tim was looking for a way to put his extra cash to work instead of letting the bank profit from lending it.

Like most new traders, he was hesitant to jump into an area he knew little about.

But with Andrew Keene’s help, the profits rolled in!

In Keene’s live trading room chat, he exclaimed “My win rate is approaching 70%!”

Needless to say, not everyone that uses Keene’s strategy has the same results.

Some people make huge gains fast while others lose money.

That’s just how the stock market works.

But as you can see…

Keene provides you the research and recommendations necessary to help you achieve the lifestyle YOU DESERVE.

Don’t let another day pass that you could’ve brought in extra cash for the things you love.

Instead, set yourself up for hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars of easy extra cash, week after week.

All you need is 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week to maximize potential profits.

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