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Is this the Retirement Catch-up Americans have been looking for?

By Money Morning Staff

Have you heard about this new EXTRA INCOME strategy?

Some are calling the greatest side hustle ever.

It was discovered at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand by a down-on-life Chicago man who had gone there to teach English to children.

It was there by pure luck, he stumbled upon an old Japanese book that had been lost to Western civilization for decades.

What happened next is one for record books.

He used his last $100,000 and started working it through the unique strategy he discovered.

He started to pocket a few thousand here, and a few thousand there… until his account grew 50X larger to  a whopping $5 million in a couple of years.

It works by exploiting a weird market anomaly that happens almost every morning….virtually like clockwork.

Ever since he uncovered it, he and people he’s shared it with have been almost unstoppable.

Now there are stories about people from coast to coast who are have retired from their jobs, paid off all their debt, put their kids through college, and bought their dream homes.

All because of this one strategy.

Like Mason Nash…

He just lost his 22-year old family food business, and was desperate for an additional source of income.

In just 8 weeks, he turned $2,600 into $9,900 by following Andrew’s strategy.

Or Betsy Dwyer, a flight attendant worried about the future of her employment during the pandemic.

But in two days, she turned $793 into $1,992 using Andrew’s strategy.

“I now feel confident I can make money. YOU ARE MY HERO!!”

Tim Fisher saw the same success.

In just 48 hours, he was able to turn $900 into $2500 using the tools Andrew provides to every subscriber.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk of loss.

But as you can see… there is massive power behind what you’re about to see.

Crazy right?

But here the really crazy part…

Neither of them have to spend eight hours a day glued to their computers.

Because the way this works you only need 30 minutes, 3 days a week to potentially make thousands.

All it takes is one simple move.

Could you be next?