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How to Make $2,000 In Just a Week Using Unique Trading “Tell”

By Money Morning Staff

What do Martha Stewart, Ivan Boesky, and former U.S. Congressman Chris Collins have in common?

They’re high-profile Americans convicted for illegal insider trading.

But getting convicted for insider trading is the exception, not the rule.

Because insider trading happens every day!

That’s right, hedge funds, mutual funds, investment banks, and brokerages trade every day on information you don’t have access to.

And most of this action isn’t caught.

You see, in 2014, a U.S. Court’s decision totally rewrote the definition of insider trading.

And investment analyst Joseph Hogue, CFA says it is “impossible for the government to convict anyone.”

So…what if you could see industry insiders trading and pocket an extra $2,000 a week?

One former Chicago Board Options Exchange floor trader discovered the “tell” to make these trades and…

Put $100,000 into a trading account…

And in two years, saw it soar to $5 million using this “tell!”

His name is Andrew Keene, and by the time he hit 30, he was a multi-millionaire… all because of this “tell.”

What is Andrew’s tell?”

Unusually large options trades.

Not just any large option trade, but one that’s as much as 10 times larger than the average daily volume!

The kind of outsized trades Wall Street’s elite make every day thanks to their vast information networks.

Most of these trades made with sheer confidence that comes from information average Americans don’t have access to.

And today, Andrew Keene is Wall Street’s smart-money “tell” detective.

He shadows unusual options trades made by Wall Street elites… and recommends to take a slice of the profits.

Best part: It’s all perfectly legal.

And he’s been enjoying life as a millionaire ever since discovering this “tell.”

Today he’s a world traveler and a frequent guest on CNBC’s Trading Nation.

And he’s been teaching people all over the world how to use his exact “tell” to make an extra $500, $1,000, $2,000, or more every month (depending on the size of your stake).

You can leverage his “tell” in as little as 30 minutes, 3 days a week to make income practically on demand.

In this video, Andrew gives all the details of his “tell” and shows you 3 more simple steps he uses to confirm each one.