Profit Pregame

Former Floor Trader Debunks Wall Street’s Biggest Lie

By Money Morning Staff

The greedy Fat Cats on Wall Street have deceived millions of Americans for decades.

They tell you to stick to the “safe” blue-chip names, buy stocks in falling markets and hold your investments for 50 years!

And while you take the losing sides of trades, it’s proven they use insider information to line their pockets with truckloads of money.

Former Floor Trader Andrew Keene witnessed this billion-dollar ploy firsthand.

While everyday Americans were losing everything in the 2008 financial crisis, Keene noticed that the big Wall Street banks and hedge funds would say one thing but do another.

They brought in money hand over fist at the expense of Americans’ savings accounts.

Outraged, Keene was determined to level the playing field and return the wealth-making power back to hardworking Americans that make this country so great.

He shadowed Wall Street insiders to create a lucrative strategy that anyone could use to bring in extra income week after week.

The result…this one simple strategy transformed his life and helped him become a multimillionaire in just two years.

Now, Keene helps thousands of beginners achieve their dream lifestyle by using his revolutionary S.C.A.N. strategy.

In this FREE video, Keene reveals how anyone can “steal” the potentially massive profit trades from the greedy Wall Street insiders.

And, how you can put profits in your pocket, not theirs.

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