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The Best Trading Game Plan for People Who Need Extra Cash in 2021

By Money Morning Staff

If you don’t have a game plan for trading in 2021 by now, your wait is over.

Consider this:

Don’t buy and hold stocks in 2021… use options instead.

That’s how millionaire trading expert Andrew Keene retired in just two years.

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And it’s exactly what he’s been recommending to his followers.

Because guess what?

You can make extra cash with options the same exact way you do with stocks.

You invest at one price, and you sell it higher at another.

What makes these plays so different, though, is that with options, the upside is enormous.

Much, much bigger than it ever is with stocks.

In fact, by comparison, it’s not even close.

Check out this trade recommendation in Gilead Sciences (Nasdaq:GILD).

People could have used options to make 150% in 14 days… while the stock only went up 7.68%.

Using options turned out to be almost 20 TIMES better than buying just the stock.

And it could work when the market is up or down.

Even small drops can create huge profits with options.

Take a look at what happened with shares of Foot Locker (NYSE:FL).

Its stock only had to drop a mere 3% for Andrew’s followers to have a shot to bank a 69% gain in two days back in March 2020 when the markets were getting crushed.

That’s 23 TIMES better than what you would’ve made if you had shorted the stock.

And unlike stocks, you don’t need to have tens of thousands of dollars to get started with options…

Because in many cases, they trade for pennies on the dollar.

So $500 is more than enough to get started.

Just like a lot of people did…

Andrew Keene’s followers have been able to make money by barely “working” a few hours a week.

Cyrus O. doubled his money in a day and made a fast $5,000 in extra cash.

Manny Ruiz turned $95,000 into $165,000 in less than four days

While Mike Chester started with $4,500 and ended up with $15,489 just 24 hours later.

And all it takes is 30 minutes, 3 days a week to have a chance to do this.

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