Why I Believe The Recent Tyson "Red Light" is a "Green Light" Opportunity

This U.S.-based meat processor is feeling the “Corona effect.”

China has officially suspended important from a major Tyson Food plant.

What’s happening?

As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the U.S., it’s raising a red flag across the world.

And recently, Tyson confirmed that a cluster of Covid-19 infections among employees had happened.

It was announced on Friday that 481 of its workers tested positive for coronavirus at locations in Arkansas – specifically Springdale.

This has led to a decision by the General Administration of Customs to suspend imports from this plant going to China.

China has been focusing on its oversight of imported foods after an outbreak of coronavirus cases were linked to a wholesale food market in the capital just over a week ago.

For example, Beijing began testing meat, seafood, and fresh produce for the coronavirus last week, and many ports were opening any import of meat to test for the virus.

So, the country wasted no time when it came to giving the red light to Tyson as the word of the outbreak spread.

Where’s the money?

Let me make one thing clear; China is a massive market for Tyson.

But I’m not losing hope in this company (or its stock) one bit.

Because despite the suspension, the business has been booming.

For example, in February, Tyson reported that Chinese order for pork had increased by nearly 600% – and I believe that those numbers will continue to rise.

Now, while this suspension might be a setback, you must remember that not all plants are suspended. And we’ll still see imports from other locations.

So, don’t get caught up in the headline hype.

Because I still see a bullish opportunity with Tyson.

And here it is…

How can I get some?

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In the Spotlight: This is a first for Apple…

Yesterday, Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

During this multi-day event, investors, consumers, and developers alike watch closely, awaiting hints for what to expect from the future of Apple products.

But this year will look a little different from years past because, for the first time, this conference is being held virtually.

Many expect Apple to reveal and tease new features that will come with its new operating system, IOS 14.

On top of this, rumor has it that Apple could announce a switch to its own chips for its Mac computers. This switch could deliver sleeker products and longer battery life as well.

Now, with that said, I am expecting some cash to flow into the stock following these announcements.

So, I’ll be looking for a quick and easy setup on this tech mogul that could deliver some fast cash.

And I’ll be sure to keep you updated.