How to Get in On the "Robin Hood Action" Without All the Risk

Day trading is the new long-term investment?

The coronavirus has brought in a whole new group of traders.

What’s happening?

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a surge of new traders enter the market.

And it seems that most of these traders are brand new, inexperienced, and looking for a new way to generate income as the pandemic continues to devastate the economy.

But these new traders are nothing like the generation that came before them because they’re passing up the long-term investment and throwing their money in day trading.

These traders led to some extreme volatility in stock prices too.

For instance, two of the most popular stocks on Robinhood are FANGDD Network Group (DUO), a Chinese online real estate company, and Hertz (HTZ), the recently bankrupt rental-car group. Both of these stocks come with a cheap price tag and have been extremely volatile – proving the kind of risk these traders are willing to take on.

Many predict that this novice trader-driven market has no other option than to “end in tears.”

Where’s the money?

Listen, day trading can be an extremely lucrative way to trade.

I personally day trade daily. And I’ve made some incredible profits doing it.

And I know you’ve seen me talk about it here even.

I will say though, when it comes to this style of trading, inexperience in the market (especially without someone helping you identify the right trades for you) can become problematic.

And that’s where these new traders could run into some problems. Because there’s nothing like time in the seat to ensure you protect your bottom dollar.

But I’ve got some good news.

You don’t need to wait years to have a shot at securing these kind of profits.

Because I have a technique that can offer those same thrilling wins at lightning speed – and anyone can do it.

Here it is…

How can I get some?

Weekly options.

This is the kind of trading that allows you to get in on Monday and out by the end of the week.

That means you’re taking cold hard cash to the bank every Thursday or Friday. And there’s no need to keep an eye on your screens continually, there’s no massive account size you need.

And right now, you have the opportunity to trade weekly options. And it’s all because of this one EXTRA-INCOME strategy.

I’m talking $2500, $5000, $10000 a week extra income strategy

Now, anyone can use this intel to potentially make a small fortune in a matter of days, sometimes hours, while only risking $50 – may be just $5 on each trade recommendation…

It’s something I’ve used – and now it’s something that YOU can use to set yourself up for the chance to pull down thousands of dollars each week… even in today’s crazy markets. [See it in action right here.]

In the Spotlight: Jobless claims are down, but…

In late March, we saw seven million people file for unemployment.

So, this week, when the 1.5 million people had applied for benefits as of mid-June, many celebrated.

But I’m not going to celebrate just yet.

While a decline is never a bad thing, there’s another number that we need to focus on…

Continuing claims.

The latest continuing claims report showed that while continuing claims have begun to subside, economists do not decline at the rate that economists thought they would.

And this proves that the job market is recovering quite like the job report would have you thinking.

Truthfully, if we don’t see the numbers of continuing claims drop, we could see the economic recovery stunted.

So, I’ll be keeping a close eye on these numbers.