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By Money Morning Staff

How is it possible to make money and create a new source of weekly extra income this Black Friday? 

Well, you should ask trading expert Andrew Keene about it. 

He nearly hit rock bottom back in 2008…

Struggling in life… burning through most of his life savings…

And with no real prospects on the horizon…

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He knew he had to do something radically different to change his life.

So he turned to the stock market – determined to find an edge.

This code let him see when the hedge funds and investment banks were making incredibly lucrative trades. Trades that wouldn’t make sense to the everyday American simply because the company wasn’t in the news! And at that moment…

He wondered if he could tag along with these mysterious trades – taking a slice of the profits.

So he tested it out…

And it worked better than he could have ever dreamed.

Over the next two years, he grew his fortune, and he has been enjoying life as a millionaire ever since.

He’s a world traveler and a frequent guest on CNBC’s Trading Nation.

And he’s been teaching people all over the world how to use his exact strategy…

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