About Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene, or better known as AK, has become a trading phenomenon over the years.  Whether he’s on CNBC letting you in on the next big thing coming to the market, or jetting around the world to mark another destination off his bucket list, he knows what it takes to make money in any market, from anywhere in the world.

But he hasn’t always been a trader.

In reality, he was fired from his first job as a bank analyst for falling asleep on the clock. He moved on to corporate spreadsheets, sitting at a cubicle making $45,000. But the passion he was searching for just wasn’t there….

So, he took a shot and accepted a clerk’s job at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, making $24,000 a year. He packed up his things, moved back in with his parents, and took the 5:40 AM train from Deerfield, Illinois every single day to learn how to trade.

It took nine months for him to get promoted to a floor trader… But technology grew quickly and soon computers had replaced every last trader on the floor – so, AK started trading with his own money without missing a beat.

Suddenly, he was making more money than he could spend – but then the bottom dropped out. And he lost more money in four months than most people make in their lives. Nothing was working, his accounts got crushed and suddenly, he found himself wondering, “what is next for me?

Amidst the madness, AK decided he needed to clear his head, so he packed his bag and flew to Thailand where he taught English at a Buddhist Monastery for six months. He reset his mindset, explored the country, but knew he wasn’t ready to give up his dream of trading just yet.

When he returned to the U.S six months later, he discovered a new trading strategy that would change the way he traded for the rest of his life. And suddenly, he was making more money than he ever imagined. $15,000 here, $25,000 there and before he knew it, he was making well over $200,000 a month. Two years later, he had made 50X his money turning $100,000 into $5 million before his 30th birthday.

But that wasn’t even the best part. Because for the first time in his life, he felt free. He clocked in one hour of “work” a day. And that gave him the opportunity to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, from countries all over the world. And that’s the life he’s still living today. But for AK, he’s never forgotten what it felt like to be cramped in a cubicle, struggling to make ends meet.

And now, he’s ready to help you break free of that same feeling that held him down all those years.

You won’t believe how simple it really is.