A Free Options Trade for You as the Fed Takes Over Walmart

This week, The Fed fights recession by buying up corporate debt…

And I’ll show you how to play it.

What’s Happening?

If the Fed puts you to sleep – you’re not alone.

I won’t blame you if you didn’t watch Jerome Powell’s latest testimony yesterday.

But I will blame you if you don’t grab some of the short-term money the Federal Reserve is about to hand you.

Briefly, the Fed just made a bid to prop up the economy by buying up a big pile of debt.

On Sunday, it disclosed that it had purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate bonds…

Among them, big names like Coca-Cola, Berkshire Hathaway, AT&T, Marriott, and Walmart.

Big moves to stave off big bankruptcies – and it’s working.

Just the announcement provided quick relief.

And of course, there’s a trade in it for us.

Where’s The Money?

We’re going to want to be long Walmart as the Fed relief pours in.

How Can I Get Some?

I’m being very generous with you today and – for a second day in a row – giving you a completely free, bonus options trade.

I really like the WMT September 18, 2020 $130 Calls and WMT September 18, 2020 $135 calls. You would buy-to-open the $130 and sell-to-open the $135 calls, creating a vertical debit spread. Especially if you can get in this setup for less than $0.65.

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