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“I Would Never Buy These”: A TSLA First?!

I’ve Never Seen This Before…

OK guys, I’ve been in the options trading game for a while…

But I’ve never seen anything quite like the action that hit my proprietary scanner to start the week on Monday.

For the first time ever, one of the biggest names on Wall Street – one of my 7 daily go-to candlestick stocks, actually – lit up my low-priced options scanner.

The TSLA Trade I’m Not Touching

And while I love a good 5-minute bar buy on electric vehicle giant Tesla (TSLA), this was one trade idea I was NOT ready to jump on.

In fact, this big-money option buy on low-priced TSLA calls had premium members of my live chat going absolutely nuts!

This Strike Price Is Real…

…and it’s something.

Take a look at the TSLA signal I jotted down into the chat for my premium members on Monday morning:

Yes, that’s an $1800-strike call popping off on TSLA – compared to the stock’s close at $1156 on Monday.

There are “lotto” options trades, and then there’s THIS!

To do the math for you, this trader’s calling for a 55%-ish percent spike in TSLA – over the next week and a half or so of trading days.

I think this TSLA trade might redefine the phrase “low probability,” even though it technically did fit my criteria for actionable scan ideas.

So before I dropped it into the chat, I announced, “I would NEVER buy these.”

Is there a chance the trade might work? Sure – but if so, it’s going to work without me!

The only TSLA options low-priced enough to meet my “rules” are generally going to be in the “no freaking way” probability zone… so for now, I’ll stick to my 5-minute bar buy strategy for these mega-cap plays.

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See you in the chat!

Andrew Keene
Founder, Profit Pregame

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