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My Anti-News Trade of the Week

Why The Headlines Just Don’t Matter

Unless you’re brand-new here, you might already know that I’m not big on “trading the news.”

By the time a stock-driven story hits the headlines, chances are good the big-money players – the ones who REALLY move markets – have already played their hand on the news.

And I’m not really into getting left behind!

Getting Ahead of the Flow

I’ve been burned before in my early career as a floor trader on what I thought were earth-shaking GE headlines… and since then, I’ve refined my strategy quite a bit.

Now, instead of chasing after stale press releases and “breaking” news that insiders have already priced in behind the scenes, my standard operating procedure is to follow the big-money moves in real time – thanks to my eight custom options scanners.

And last week, I found some very bullish flow on a stock that’s getting absolutely dogged in the headlines…


A “Hot Seat” Stock With Heavy Call Flow

A quick search of the headlines for Activision Blizzard (ATVI) turns up… well, nothing particularly pleasant to discuss on a Sunday morning, folks.

But there are allegations the CEO knew of sexual misconduct within the company, and the stock has taken a hit on the news:

Courtesy of

Behind the scenes, though, there’s been significant institutional buying of ATVI calls – which means that the “smart money” players are seeing this news-driven sell-off as a buying opportunity in the video game stock.

And with the holiday shopping season coming up, I’m inclined to lean in favor of the institutions, versus the traders who are reacting to knee-jerk headlines.

Here’s the alert I sent out to subscribers to take advantage of some low-priced options on ATVI all the way out in January:

At current prices, these calls won’t require a huge rally out of ATVI to hit my 100% target profit – and even if the big money is wrong, I’m only risking $1.75 per contract ($175 total, accounting for 100 shares per call option) on this highly speculative play.

This is exactly the kind of “anti-news” flow I love to spot – and trade! – off my scanners, because it confirms for me what I already know as a pro trader:

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than what you see in the headlines.

Luckily, my custom options scanners give me a pretty outstanding peek “behind the curtain” of Wall Street.

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I’ll be back with more options action for you soon. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Andrew Keene
Founder, Profit Pregame

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