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2 Short-Squeeze Stocks I Found LIVE

Did You Catch These Picks…?

Thanks to all of you who came out to join me on Money Morning LIVE yesterday!

We talked about charting, how to customize options trades off my scanners… and my short squeeze strategy.

In fact, I scouted two short squeeze candidates in real-time, right off my custom scanner.

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Here’s a larger version of that screenshot above:

You can see heavy call flow on the Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF) February $23 calls and the Nordstrom (JWN) December $45 calls.

Based on Thursday’s closing prices, those big-money call buyers are looking for about a 7% gain in CLF by February options expiration…
And an eye-popping 28% jump in JWN over the next month!

Looks like somebody’s predicting quite a merry holiday shopping season for the high-end retailer – so needless to say, this bullish options flow (in bulk!) caught my eye.

The total buy-in on the trade was right around my target $50K mark – plus, to provide some extra “juice” for this setup, about 17% of the stock’s float is sold short.

If JWN jolts higher in the short term, it would take about a week’s worth of trading days to buy back all of these shorted shares, at average daily volumes.

That’s a healthy backdrop for a potentially explosive short squeeze – so needless to say, these super-low priced JWN calls (under $0.50 per contract! could be a solid “sale item” pickup for holiday bargain shoppers.

Claim Your Access to My Top Squeeze Stocks

If you’re busy searching online message boards for the next big stock to rip… you’re already behind the eight ball.

Instead of chasing after the crowd, I developed my own proprietary scanning strategy to surface stocks that are set to rally “to the moon”…

And I love the edge it provides when it comes to getting out ahead of aggressive stock rallies.


My exclusive Short Squeeze scanner turns up stocks that are ripe for a short squeeze rally… AND drawing big buying interest from call players.

That tells me there’s a groundswell of support from SMART money – which is the crowd I want to follow.

Join me now in targeting the short-squeeze stock picks that the rest of the Wall Street masses are overlooking.

It’s the perfect strategy for this momentum-charged market – and new trade ideas are popping up every day.

I’ll be back soon with more scan ideas & options trading tips. Have a great weekend, guys!

Andrew Keene,
Founder, Profit Pregame

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