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Watch LIVE: My Daily 7-Stock Scan, Explained

Here’s how I find 5-minute bar buys

I’m not saying I’m totally predictable – but most successful traders (me included) have whittled down their approach to some kind of streamlined strategy.

Maybe they have a specific time frame they love to trade, or a favorite sector they focus on, or an options strategy they really crush over and over.

As for me, I look to trade the same seven stocks every single day at the opening bell – using one specific candlestick indicator.

Here’s a quick clip from my appearance last Thursday on Money Morning LIVE, showing exactly how this chart-based strategy works…

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Watch me explain how I spot a 5-minute bar buy signal.

…and if you still have questions, no sweat. I’ll be back on the air today at 11:30 AM Eastern right here on Money Morning LIVE!

This session is FREE and open to all of my Profit Pregamers, so join me right here to watch for live options scan ideas, charting lessons, Q&A, and more.

Plus, follow the calendar right here to make sure you don’t miss any of my appearances.

Hope to see you in the chat today at 11:30 Eastern!

Andrew Keene

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