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SL: AK AMA! Stop-Losses, VWAP, and More

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Trader54, who must be one of my premium subscribers, had a question about “official” risk management parameters:

Whenever I send out an “official” trade signal – as opposed to a day trade or “unofficial” idea – I’ll follow up with instructions if and when I decide to close the position to curb losses (or avoid them altogether!).

And if targeting a 50% stop fits with your personal risk tolerance, that’s a very straightforward way to manage options positions.

That said, with very low-priced options, there will be times when they crater to a steep loss pretty fast – that’s simply the nature of high-risk, high-reward trades like these.

So if a position of mine collapses overnight to a 90% loss, for example – knock wood; oof – I’m likely not rushing to close it out and lock in big losses, to be honest.

Instead, I’ll hang onto a near-worthless option as a kind of “lotto ticket,” just in case the stock does explode higher before expiration.

If it’s between that and locking in a huge loss on an option that’s worth less than 50 cents, I know what my personal preference is!

But again, it’s all up to you and your personal risk tolerance.

Next we have Krull The Warrior King (strong name!), with a question about open interest…

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Actually, “open interest” refers to the number of calls (or puts) that have been bought to open at a specific strike and not yet closed out.

I like to track open interest levels by strike, because when daily volume activity is higher than open interest on an absolute basis, it means new positions are being opened.

It’s simple math, folks – you simply can’t trade more volume at a strike than currently exists without some new positions being added into the mix!

That said, open interest can also be used more broadly to discuss the number of contracts open on a stock or sector in general.

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Have a great Monday, guys – I’ll talk to you soon!

Andrew Keene

Founder, Profit Pregame

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