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Did U Miss It? How a Unity Stock Signal Popped Off

The “back pocket” scan idea that exploded

Over my career as an options trader, I’ve developed eight different scanners to help me identify hot trade opportunities throughout the day – so you can imagine there are days when I find myself with more actionable trade signals than I can possibly pursue.

(Some strangely quiet days, too, where I need to exercise discipline not to chase “lukewarm” ideas – but that’s a different conversation, guys!)

And when I saw unusual call volume surface on Unity Software (U) after earnings during my LIVE session with premium subscribers this past Thursday, it was honestly just one of many “green for go” signals hitting my scanners at the time.

But since the shares were in the middle of a post-earnings move higher – and these calls were DEEP out of the money, given Unity’s share price below $200 – I certainly took notice of the flow…


Here’s how the stock looked on Friday…

Now check out this chart of U stock around mid-session on Friday, when I thought to check in on this “back pocket” scan idea I’d been lowkey watching.

The shares were up another 6%!

Via Google Finance
Meanwhile, those super low-priced U November 19 $240 call options that hit my scanner on Thursday?

They’d gained $0.25 in value on the session by midday Friday as the stock extended its rally.

Boom! Not bad – especially for a signal that nearly got buried amid all the other green on my scanners during Thursday’s session.

Don’t miss the next Unity! I’ll show you how…

So, let’s be real:

How does the average trader find – and act on! – a “blink and you’ll miss it” opportunity like that U signal?

If you’re a member of my 1450 Club, I’m now offering exclusive LIVE training sessions with my handpicked coach…

How about LIVE training, Brian R?!
…so members can read, analyze, and respond to signals from my signature options scanners with more confidence than ever.

And I’m so excited about this major upgrade to my premium options service

For the first time ever, I’ve opened up membership to my 1450 Club at reduced QUARTERLY pricing.


This is your chance to lock in access to my proprietary options signals – all day long, Monday through Thursday, streaming LIVE in the 1450 Club members-only room.

Plus, you’ll get all of the education, insights, and training you need to start managing risk, minimizing losses, and maximizing profits just like the pros do.

Don’t miss this rare chance to join me LIVE at never-before-seen quarterly pricing – and start learning the power of low-priced options.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, gang – I’ll be back with more soon!

Andrew Keene
Founder, Profit Pregame

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