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Ring the Alarm! This Scan Session Got HOT

Hey, Pregamers!

Well, my most recent visit to the Money Morning LIVE show was a hot one… literally.

Before I could finish out my full half-hour, I had to evacuate my building because of a fire alarm that just would not quit!

Kind of annoying, not gonna lie… but we still managed to fit in a solid 20 minutes or so of scanning and Q&A.

Whether you missed the live show or you’ve just been looking for the replay, check it out right here.

Did all those PennySpike signals set things off…?

Thanks again to Coach Brian King for filling in while I was sick last Thursday!

Make sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss my next scheduled appearance in the Money Morning LIVE main room.

See you there –

Andrew Keene
Founder, Profit Pregame

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