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This RAD Scanner Signal Was a Dime (Literally)

Here’s how fast a Rite-Aid trade popped off

When I think about the drugstore chain Rite-Aid, I don’t necessarily think about fast leveraged profits…

But I do think about maybe picking up a quick bargain on an impulse buy along with that box of tissues I need (I have a little case of the sniffles, guys).

And when a laundry list of retail names landed on my proprietary options scanners on Wednesday, I found yet another way to exercise that “impulse buy” muscle on RAD.

What’s happening?

Retail stocks were all over my options scanners today – names like Express (EXPR), Gap (GPS), Macy’s (M), Party City (PRTY), and more:

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But one super low-priced trade jumped out at me… and the calls jumped out to a quick profit within minutes of me calling out the signal to subscribers in my live room.


Where’s the money?

Here’s the options flow that caught my eye on Rite Aid (RAD):

The size of the trade wasn’t too remarkable, on an absolute basis. We’re only talking about a block of 961 contracts total (rounded up to “1K” on the screen shot there)…

But then again, open interest at the strike is only 71 contracts.

With volume significantly higher than open interest, it’s easy to confirm new positions are being opened.

Plus, for only $0.10 each – how can you say no to a bargain like that?!

These calls – expiring as soon as tomorrow afternoon – were low-priced enough that I had to shout them out in real-time to all my subscribers in the trading room… not as an “official” signal, but for anyone who felt like taking a quick flier on a potential day trade.

And boy, did these things start to rip within minutes.

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It’s why I do this live for the day trades, folks – there just isn’t time for an email alert on a move like this, even when it’s a “small” lot setting off a signal.

How do you catch the next RAD?

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Meme stocks are back in the news.

Which is always exciting…

We saw Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) soar 67%+ from after hours trading on Tuesday.


If you had a crystal ball which prepared you for this meme stock mania ahead of time…

You would have made a killing.

Good news is, I came up the next best thing.

So, the NEXT time Redditors orchestrate a coup against Wall Street, you’ll be ready.


In Super Squeeze Profits, we identify stocks with potential to spike in suddenly price – just like the meme stocks you hear about in the news.

And we’ve had lots of big and fast wins lately…

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Back with more soon, traders –

Andrew Keene
Founder, Profit Pregame

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