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Beyond TSLA: 3 EV Stocks Sparking Up Signals

Where the money’s moving in electric vehicles

Tesla (TSLA) has been absolutely on fire lately.

Between its well-received partnership with Hertz and an extremely rare $1 trillion market cap milestone, TSLA shares have triggered multiple 5-minute bar buy signals in recent days.

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The EV options charging up my scanners

As hot as the stock has been, not everyone wants to trade TSLA – and realistically, not everyone can, especially those of us working with smaller or “starter” accounts.

First of all, trading the shares directly will run you about $1,200 apiece around current levels. (For ONE share.)

And even if we lean on low-priced options – my personal favorite way to get a piece of a stock’s price action without committing a ton of capital – TSLA calls still aren’t what I would consider super-cheap.

As of this writing, it would cost $3,400 in premium to buy ONE contract of an at-the-money call option on Tesla expiring next Friday, November 12.

If you’re working with, say, a $15K account? That’s just not gonna fly.

Luckily, where TSLA goes, the rest of the EV sector seems to follow… which means there were a crazy number of stocks in this space throwing out interesting signals to start the week.

3 EV Stocks to Watch

1. ChargePoint Holdings (CHPT)

CHPT threw out a PennySpike signal early Monday morning, with the Nov5 $28 strike calls in focus.

The stock hasn’t traded up near $28 since July, but it’s riding that sector-wide momentum – and these contracts were priced at just $0.31.

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2. Li Auto (LI)

Weekly Nov5 calls were also in heavy rotation on LI, where traders were scooping up the $36-strike contracts.

For just $0.20, this was worth a quick day trade – even though the shares fizzled by the end of the session, the calls briefly did trade above that first target, peaking at $0.26.

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3. Fisker (FSR)

This final one was technically a “no signal,” with earnings for FSR coming up quick after the close on Nov. 3 – but over 1,000 of the weekly Nov12 $20 calls traded on open interest of just 122.

While I’m usually not going to take a straight-up call trade like this into a binary event like earnings, the heavy attention to this round-number strike – plus, the confirmation of new positions being added – is on my radar with FSR around $17.

Keep these 3 EV names on your watchlist – and let me know in the chat at 11:30 AM which stocks you’re watching this week!

Andrew Keene

Founder, Profit Pregame

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