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WATCH: My Pre-Earnings AAPL Buy Signal

Hey, Profit Pregamers!

Since we can’t trade options today – and least some of you football fans have given up on the season already (sorry) – it’s a great time to push pause and sit back with a lesson on one of my favorite everyday chart signals: the 5-minute bar buy.

You heard about my recent Tesla (TSLA) winner using this go-to candlestick scanning method – and now, you can watch me walk through a pre-earnings buy signal on Apple (AAPL) that I broke down during Thursday’s Money Morning LIVE session.

Just click to watch the replay, and check out the three ways traders like you can customize this everyday buy signal.

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Live action spreadsheeting with AK? Yes please.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday – and be sure to follow the Money Morning LIVE calendar so you don’t miss my next training session.

See you then!

Andrew Keene

Founder, Profit Pregame

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