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LIVE from Denver: A Quicker-Than-Ever PENN Idea

How I played PENN on the road… in real time

If you missed my regularly scheduled session on Money Morning LIVE yesterday, I’m sorry! I missed you guys, too – but I had a very good excuse for calling in a sub.

I was out in Denver, meeting up with a few key members of my team on a special project I’m rolling out soon.

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What a working lunch with AK looks like.

Stay tuned for those details, because you’ll be the first to know…

In the meantime, I did still start my high-altitude day the usual way – scanning for actionable trade ideas alongside my subscribers.

That’s how I found a hot real-time day trade idea… and this thing was moving within minutes!

What’s happening?

Specifically, I spotted a day trade-worthy idea on PENN – one of those gambling stocks that’s been super-hot all year, alongside names like DraftKings (DKNG).

And thanks to a recent upgrade to my live trading platform, I got this quick-moving idea out to my subscribers faster than ever!

Plus, I even had a little time left over for some one-on-one options scanner Q&A…

Where’s the money?

Here’s the PENN call trade I spotted on one of my eight proprietary scanners during the early minutes of the session on Tuesday:

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This was an “idea” versus an official signal, meaning it was a day trade play at best… because, come on – 50-cent options expiring this Friday?

I don’t mind taking a quick flyer, but I don’t want a long-term commitment to these super-speculative contracts.

How do I get some?

That said, following the options scanner day trade idea worked fast, as the gains added up within minutes on this one – literally.

As you can see by the chat in our new Money Morning LIVE-style platform, these PENN contracts were moving higher within just a couple of minutes!

Yep, it was that fast. (DON’T chase trades!)

Timing is everything with these opportunistic day trade ideas, and that’s why I’m so excited to launch this “stealth upgrade” to a real-time broadcast on our best platform yet.

Have we finally found the technology that can keep up with me?! Ha – we’ll see…

My 9:30 AM scan ideas are hotter than ever – here’s why

My members are loving the new real-time access to options scanner signals – just check it out!

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Every minute counts in this market.
Now, all we gotta do is get these guys to stop trading these hot options signals long enough to update their member names in the new chat… I’m pretty sure I know these subscribers, but which ones are they?!

My members are loving the immediacy of this new Live trading Room platform, and so am I – just keep reading “Ask AK Anything” below to see how easy it is to interact with me in chat.

And now is a great time to join me in Project 303, because your streaming access to me – and my years of experience and eight options scanners – just got that much better.

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You’re welcome… whoever you are!
Claim your access now – I can’t wait to see you in the chat.


Another advantage of hanging out live with me in the morning? You can ask me about what you’re seeing on the scanner and my real-time trade ideas – kind of like an AK AMA.

For example, let’s zoom in on a question from member “ss” in that screenshot above:

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As I told my members live – if a stock is flagged as “SSR,” that means it’s “short sale restricted” – in other words, the stock has sold off so hard that it’s temporarily unavailable to borrow for shorting, per SEC regulations.

The idea is that this temporary restriction on short selling will help to avoid the old-style “bear raids,” where shorts pile in to hammer a stock significantly lower with no mercy.

SSR status can certainly influence options activity – for example, it might potentially spark an uptick in put buying as traders seek an alternative method to bet on an extended downside move.

So, while SSR may not disqualify a stock from “actionable” status on my scanners, it’s worth knowing what this abbreviation means, and how it impacts the activity around a stock.

Alright, Pregamers – trade safe out there! I’ll be back with more soon.

Andrew Keene

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