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WSB Scanner Invasion?! Check These GME Calls…

The Godfather of all meme stocks

When you say “GameStop” in casual conversation anymore, most people don’t even think of the old-school video game store – it’s the stock that springs immediately to mind.

GameStop (GME), along with other “meme stock” names like AMC (AMC), helped propel the WallStreetBets community on Reddit to national attention… and drew some significant regulatory attention to key players in the retail trading frenzy, including YouTube folk hero “Roaring Kitty” and discount brokerage firm Robinhood itself.

What’s happening?

During my live session with subscribers on Wednesday morning, a couple of block trades on GME caused a serious stir in the chat room:

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Vidstar had opinions!

But upside speculation on this stock is nothing new, of course… So what was the big deal with these GME calls?

Where’s the money?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – here’s the GME action that hit my scanner early on Wednesday:

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Yep, those are the GME Oct22 $400 calls… and the stock opened around $186 on Wednesday.

In other words, this call trade was a SERIOUSLY ambitious bet on a GME rally by the end of this week – just a couple of days away.

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No wonder the subscribers in my live chat were a little skeptical.

Sure, GME makes some fast moves – but more than doubling in two days? Yeah… I don’t know.

How do I get some?

This is one case where I DON’T want to follow the signal from my scanner, folks.

Not every trade to ping my radar is “actionable” by my standards, and this doozy of a call buy on GME happens to be one of them.

Even though the options are cheap, I’d say in this case it’s deservedly so.

There are too many more low-priced options opportunities cropping up on my scanner daily to chase one that’s this much of a moonshot – no matter how fun it is to play along with the “GME Army.”

I’d rather sit back and wait for a play that’s closer to the money… and this plane of reality, to be honest. (No offense, WSB’ers.)


OK, OK… so maybe my handwriting here makes this look just a little bit like a Drake album cover (Google “if you’re reading this it’s too late,” just for a laugh)… but writing on a screen isn’t always as easy as John Madden makes it look, guys:

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And in my defense, do you know what I’m sketching out here in this crazy chicken-scratch handwriting?

Just one day’s worth of actionable, profitable signals from my PennySpike scanner.

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I’ll explain exactly how I find actionable signals, which trades I’d rather pass on, and exactly how I manage my options plays to lock in profits and limit losses.

It’s live trading signals plus live education with me, and it starts right when the opening bell rings.

So if you’re looking for more trade opportunities with major upside potential, all you need to do is click.

I’ll be back again soon with more. Trade safe out there!

Andrew Keene

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