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$30 Stock Lets You Get ETH Profits Without Paying $3K per Coin

How Institutions Pay 99% Less for ETH Gains

You won’t find this stock on the The New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq…

What’s happening?

Cryptocurrencies are proving themselves a very profitable asset class.

But many people don’t know how to start.

Well, fortunately for you, there is a way to profit from cryptos without buying any cryptocurrencies.

It’s a completely legitimate way to invest in cryptos, in fact it’s approved by the SEC.

Today, we’ll focus on Ethereum, the world’s second-largest crypto by market cap.

Where’s the money?

At the time of writing, Ethereum (ETH) is at $3,065.

Here’s how we’re going to profit from ETH without holding any of it ourselves.

We’re going to buy the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE).

At the time of writing, this stock is at $29.60.

ETHE is an SEC-approved trust that tracks the price movement of ETH.

Basically, you can profit from ETH via this trust.

That’s kind of like investing in the coin, for a $3,035.40 discount!

Now that’s how you profit from cryptos.

How do I get some?

Shares haven’t been able to pass the $40 level for a while now.

But there’s support at the $25 level.

We may see a selloff in the coin if the crypto market drops any further.

You may want to consider buying this stock at any price below the $25 mark.

Best Way to Start Investing Cryptos

Although holding a trust that tracks cryptos is neat, you may want to try the real deal after a while.

If so, the best place to start has to be Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader.

He focuses on smaller coins that can yield bigger profits than the $100 – $10,000 coins.

Not to mention, he provides the exact entry/exit instructions for all his crypto trade recommendations.

He even provides the latest news updates on everything related to cryptocurrencies.

There’s no other place I can think of where you can make money while learning about cryptos at the same time.

Click here for more details on Microcurrency Trader.

In the Spotlight

The industry leading Draftkings Inc (Nasdaq: DKNG) has been making headlines with their recent, $22 billion bid for Entain.

The sports betting industry is growing at a rapid rate and we’re seeing the sector mature right before our eyes.

It looks like DKNG wants to be the undisputed leader of its field.

I’ll have more updates for you next week on DKNG.

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