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Elon Musk Wants to Bring Sc-Fi to Life – Put Your Money Here Instead

Ever since the industrial revolution sparked mankind’s interest in the vast potential of futuristic technology, science fiction writers have explored countless scenarios of where future advances would take mankind.

Beginning in 1868 with the first mention of a mechanized human in Edward S. Ellis’s The Steam Man of the Prairies, the idea of robots replacing humans to perform undesirable, tedious, or dangerous jobs has fascinated mankind for decades.

But only within the last few years has the field of robotics advanced to the point where machines could effectively take over anything more than the most basic of tasks.

At its “A.I. Day,” event last Thursday, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk unveiled his plans to develop an autonomous humanoid robot – dubbed “Tesla Bot.”

During his presentation, Musk detailed his hopes that one day Tesla Bots would help to phase out physical labor for humans by saying, “I think essentially in the future physical work will be a choice.”

Despite mankind’s historic fascination with robots, investors don’t seem to be amused by Musk’s latest pet project.

While the automation of labor has massive potential to be a disruptor in countless industries, Tesla’s bid to enter the space has fallen flat, literally.

During Friday’s trading, shares of TSLA traded only about 0.6% higher after it’s A.I. Day event.

The reason that investors aren’t piling into Tesla stock right now could have something to do with Musk’s history of ill-fated side projects.

Back in 2019, Musk laid out plans for a fleet of robotic taxis as soon as 2021 – a plan that never came to fruition. Musk’s latest fascination with robots is likely being viewed as another venture that’s unlikely to pan out.

During a time in which competition in the electric vehicle market is heating up, many feel that is where Tesla should be focusing its efforts, not on pie-in-the-sky pet projects.

Right now, the emerging EV market is where the real money is going to be made. And my favorite name in the space continues to be NIO Inc. (NIO), which recently announced its plans to introduce three new models in 2022, including its first-ever sedan.

While NIO operates in a limited number of countries currently, it has plans on expanding its operations globally in the coming years. Now is the time to jump into this emerging name in the EV industry.

Trading tip of the week

Time decay is most important in the front month options and decays the most in those positions.

So, as a trader, I compare myself to a hedge fund manager where I am always keeping an eye on time decay and I try not to buy too much front month premium.

Earnings report to watch

Chinese tech companies have fallen precipitously since the Chinese government launched a major clampdown on the industry over data security.

Pinduoduo Inc. (PDD) has been no exception, losing about 62% of its value since February.

Analysts are expecting deepening losses in PDD’s latest earnings report, set to be released on Tuesday, August 24.

Bu there is a good chance that PDD could surprise to the upside, which would go a long way towards pulling the e-commerce company out of its tailspin.

Online shopping numbers have been on the rise lately in China, and we could see PDD finally find a floor and offer investors a great place to buy in at a discount – pending a positive report. Keep an eye on this name.

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