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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer to Join the EV Revolution

The Clock is Ticking for Gas-Powered Vehicles

New proposals from governments around the world could make gas-powered engines a thing of the past.

What’s happening?

We’ve talked a lot about the electric vehicle market in this publication over the last few months.

And for good reason.

As I see it, the stars are aligning for the EV industry. And investors that buy in now, ahead of the boom, will be handsomely rewarded.

Seemingly every day, new revelations are made that convince me that we’re on the verge of a massive shift in the automotive industry towards electric vehicles.

We’ve discussed a number of the developments that are advancing the EV space here at Profit Pregame.

But while automakers and related companies have been the champions of the EV industry as they look to the future of consumer demand, changes in laws and regulations that would drive even more progress in EV have been slow to materialize.

But we’re now in the midst of a seismic shift in legislation regarding vehicle emissions. And it will almost certainly be a game changer for EV investors.

Where’s the money?

While several of the world’s largest governments have supported various initiatives to lower vehicle emissions and support the fledgling EV industry, not many have made a priority of forcing the automotive industry towards EV development.

But 2021 has seen a wave of new proposals from governments around the world to phase out gas-powered vehicles in the coming years.

Norway’s proposal to ban internal combustion engine (ICE) sales is the most aggressive, with a cutoff date in 2025. They are now joined by 21 other countries – from North America, Central America, Asia, and Europe – that have proposed phasing out new ICE vehicles sometime between 2030 and 2050.

And the trend continues to grow.

On Wednesday, the European Union proposed a ban on all gas-powered vehicles beginning in 2035.

Technically, many of these “bans” are proposals to cut vehicle emissions by 100%, making it impossible to sell ICE vehicles.

And while the U.S. has not officially announced any new plans to further limit emissions, pressure is growing for the U.S. to make a similar commitment. Several states have already introduced legislation to require zero-emissions vehicle sales in the coming years.

With the writing clearly on the wall, several automakers that generate large amounts of their revenue in Europe and North America have recently made substantial pledges to increase EV development and production.

Over the last several months, General Motors Company (GM), Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (HMC), Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen have all announced their intention to transition to all-electric vehicle sales by 2035 to meet the new standards.

How do I get some?

The EV industry right now reminds me of the early stage of cryptocurrencies, where we saw a huge selloff before starting to see buyers come back in a big way.

I believe in the space long term, but I don’t think investors are going to have to wait very long to start seeing huge returns on a wide variety of EV stocks.

We’ve already talked about my favorite international EV play, NIO Inc. (NIO). But diversification is important, and the American market is going to be huge.

My favorite U.S.-based EV company is Fisker Inc. (FSR) – a California-based EV manufacturer which plans to begin production in 2022.

Location is a huge factor for Fisker. California already has some of the most stringent emissions laws in the country, and is one of the few states to have already committed to zero emissions by 2035.

As Fisker vehicles start to hit the road, and more and more of the U.S restricts emissions, I expect FSR’s very affordable $15 per share price to boom in a big way.

Now is the time to make a killing from this EV stock

One tiny company is powering the $2,495 billion EV revolution. This company’s technology is being used by every major EV manufacturer on the planet right now.

Silicon Valley veteran and tech expert Michael Robinson is spilling the beans on one investment that could net you 1,000% gains or more by the end of the year.

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Here’s what you need to know.

In the Spotlight: A new player enters the gaming world

Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) has been one of the tech sectors biggest success stories over the last decade.

As one of the earliest companies in the video streaming revolution, NFLX shares have skyrocketed over the last decade.

But the company isn’t content to be one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, announcing an entry into a lucrative space.

In hiring former Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) executive Mike Verdu, Netflix announced its entry into the world of gaming with a bang.

Verdu is expected to head Netflix’s foray into a video game space that is worth more than $180 billion annually.

While the industry is incredibly competitive, Netflix may already have a big foothold. With more than 200 million subscribers to its streaming service, NFLX has a built-in platform in which to attract users to its upcoming game launches.

While this initiative is still in its infancy, it certainly bears watching.

The ambitious move could mean a massive new revenue source for Netflix, and could continue to keep its stock on the parabolic movement we’ve seen in the last few years. Stay tuned.

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