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This Could Be Your Last Chance to Play the Lucrative Pandemic Trends

One Under-the-Radar Fad Could Net Big Profits

There’s been a lot of money made from the seismic changes we’ve seen over the last year. As things get back to normal, there’s one more you need to know about.

What’s happening?

There’s been a lot of talk about many of the trends that emerged during the course of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about huge changes across the globe in how people work, shop, communicate, and more.

And the companies that were best positioned to meet the new needs that the crisis created were richly rewarded.

With most retail shopping locations around the world forced to close,, Inc. (AMZN) stock continued its meteoric rise, gaining another 70% from its January 2020 levels.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (ZM) rode the wave of new users working from home to more than a 500% increase in its share price.

I could go on and on.

But there’s one huge trend that has taken place over the last year that doesn’t get nearly as much press.

And it could mean a massive surge of revenue for the companies poised to meet the demand.

Where’s the money?

With public gatherings outlawed around the world for much of 2020 – along with the desire to not infect one’s loved ones – people turned to another source for love and affection.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), more than 23 million American households added a pet during the pandemic.

The wave of furry friends being adopted in the U.S. is music to the ears of pet-related industries the supply everything from food, medicine, toys, and other essentials.

Estimates vary depending on pet type and diet, but the cost of feeding a dog or cat averages somewhere between $200 and $500 per year. Even a conservative estimate of $300 multiplied by 23 million equals $6.9 billion.

And that’s just for food. Add in the costs for medicine, toys, crates, and everything else that goes into owning a pet, and you can see that this trend could be an incredibly lucrative one for the right companies.

Right now, I’ve got my eye on one company in particular for which the surge in revenue could send its stock price soaring…

How do I get some?

I’ve been a big proponent of the stay-at-home trades as they’ve developed. I believe COVID-19 has shift the way we live and work, and many of the trends that have begun this year are here to stay.

And as far as the spike in pet ownership goes, I think people will always stock up on supplies and tend to spoil them.

My favorite name in the space is PetMed Express, Inc. (PETS) – which operates 1-800-PetMeds. The company sells just about everything dog, cat, and horse owners need on a day to day basis through their website, mobile app, phone sales, and catalogs.

Currently, PETS is only trading roughly 36% above January 2020 levels, but as revenue numbers continue to improve, we could see a big boost. Also, because it has a very high short interest, even a moderate amount of buying could send the stock exponentially higher.

This could be the last big trend to come out of the pandemic – and if you’re looking to play it, PETS is my best recommendation.

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In the Spotlight: A big win for big tech…

There have been a lot of concerns among investors of some of the world’s biggest tech companies lately as antitrust investigations and lawsuits have ramped up in the U.S.

But yesterday, investors in one such company got the good news they were hoping for.

On Monday, Federal Judge James Boasberg dismissed the Federal Trade Comission (FTC) lawsuit against Facebook, Inc. (FB), stating that the case presented by the FTC was “legally insufficient and therefore must be dismissed.”

At the heart of the dispute is whether acuisitions Facebook made of Instagram and WhatsApp violated antitrust laws.

While Facebook and several other prominent tech firms still face further lawsuits, this was the first indication that they may not hold up in court.

The implications of this and upcoming suits are sure to be massive. As such, I will be keeping you posted on any further developments and trading opportunities as they come. Stay tuned.

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