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This Stock Could Be More Profitable Than Tesla

A Surging Competitor is Throwing its Hat into the Ring

While Tesla is undoubtedly the big dog in the electric vehicle space, one company could soon emerge from its shadow.

What’s happening?

For years now, one name has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry.

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) – thanks to its innovative, stylish, all-electric vehicles – has become almost synonymous with the burgeoning EV space.

And TSLA’s investors have been rewarded handsomely.

Since May 2019, TSLA shares have soared by more than 2,000%.

With electric vehicles getting a lot more attention lately – not just from automakers, but companies looking to build out EV infrastructure as well – many investors are likely looking at TSLA as a way to add the EV industry to their portfolio.

And while Tesla will almost certainly continue to be a juggernaut in the space for years to come, I’ve got another stock that could have even greater profit potential.

Where’s the money?

Tesla has thus far dominated the growing EV market.

In 2020, Tesla delivered almost 500,000 electric vehicles – the most of any automaker – as total EV sales rose by 43%.

But over the last month, one stock appears poised to emerge from the shadow of Tesla and compete in a big way.

NIO Inc. (NIO) is an EV manufacturer based in China that currently sells its vehicles domestically, as well as in the U.S., Germany, the U.K, and Hong Kong.

And while the brand may be far less-known than Tesla, NIO stock has outperformed TSLA over the last several weeks. Since mid-May, NIO shares have boomed by more than 50%. In that same timeframe, TSLA has risen by just roughly 8%.

NIO’s success can be attributed to recent improvement of its technicals, as well as the indication that June deliveries may have increased by as much as 15%.

Announcements from NIO that state that the semiconductor shortage that has affected the entire auto industry is all but behind it was also music to investors’ ears.

NIO also recently received a license to sell its vehicles in Norway, with the first deliveries expected in September. The move could spark even further expansion into Europe in the coming years.

These are all great signs that NIO is well-positioned to compete with the biggest names in the industry.

Here’s why I think now is the perfect time to jump in.

How do I get some?

Despite the solid move up for NIO stock over the last month and all of the positive catalysts for the company, its shares can still be had for a discount.

NIO stock fell from a high of $66 in February down to $33 in May.

It has broken the Ichimoku Cloud to the upside – one of my favorite indicators of positive momentum – and I think the movement to the upside continues.

NIO is my favorite name in the because they are the Tesla of China.

Not only do I believe in EV, I believe in China and that much of the growth in the EV space will be overseas in the next few years.

I love NIO as a buy right now while we’re still below the highs, as this could be one of the most profitable EV stocks of the next decade.

S.C.A.N. Has NIO in its Crosshairs

My scanners have been picking up on NIO for weeks now.

In fact, it landed on the latest watchlist in my research service, Project 303. These are the stocks that I identify each Sunday that could give us the best profit potential for the trading week ahead.

And when my proprietary system picks up on heavy order flow, I know when it’s time to make our move for huge profits.

Like the 81% and 100% gains Project 303 members had the chance to take on Unity Software Inc. (U) this week after just one day!

This strategy is designed to find the most lucrative opportunities in the market, confirm they are poised for a potential massive return, and then notify you when to take any profits.

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In the Spotlight: Not all press is good press…

Certain brands or products are so popular and widely loved that they can seem almost above the need for celebrity endorsements.

But one company got a reminder yesterday about just how influential celebrities can be.

During a press conference for the Euro 2021 soccer tournament – of which The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is a sponsor – Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo intentionally removed two bottles of Coke from in from of him before exclaiming, “Agua!” (“water” in Portuguese).

While it may seem like a harmless gesture from a world-class athlete who everyone knows likely doesn’t drink much soda anyway, the effect on KO’s bottom line was huge.

A day after the presser, KO stock fell by more than 1.6%, erasing roughly $4 billion in value.

In the long-run, Ronaldo’s criticism of soft drinks likely will have almost no effect on the industry. But right now, it could be presenting a great buying opportunity for investors.

Keep an eye on what KO stock does today. If it falls any further, it could be a great price at which to jump into a strong stock. I may even recommend a trade to my subscribers in the coming days.

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