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Here’s Another Stock That Could Jump from a Short Squeeze “Meme” to a Legit Cash Cow

This Short Squeeze Darling is Poised for a Huge Comeback

One of the largest movers from January’s initial short squeeze craze could soon transition from a purely demand driven stock to an industry powerhouse.

What’s happening?

In all the talk about retail investors targeting short positions in an attempt to squeeze the short sellers, one company has garnered most of the attention.

GameStop Corp. (GME) has repeatedly appeared in headlines not only for the huge movements the stock has made since late January, but also for the progress it has been making to shore up its business and no longer just be a “meme stock.”

But another of the stocks that originally ushered in the short squeeze craze with massive gains of its own is also well positioned to not only pop again, but maintain its positive momentum with increased sales and revenue.

Where’s the money?

After being one of the first few heavily shorted stocks that retail investors sent to the moon back in late January, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC) has had its ups and downs over the last few months.

But over the last two weeks, AMC has seen a resurgence of buying pressure that has sent the stock up as much as 60% at its high.

The recent surge has been widely credited to a renewed push from retail investors coordinating their buying on Reddit. With nearly 20% of its shares shorted, AMC is still a top candidate to see enormous gains from a short squeeze.

But at the same time, there are some compelling reasons why AMC’s business could soon see a boost in performance – the biggest of which is the loosening of restrictions caused by the pandemic.

With more than 37% of the U.S. population now fully vaccinated, AMC has already opened its theaters across the country with a reduced seating capacity. Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated his belief that audiences may be able to attend theaters without a mask by Fall this year – a development that would help to attract viewers that are hesitant to sit through a 2 hour or longer film with a mask.

In addition to the brightening horizon from an audience standpoint, AMC will find itself with less competition on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis. CEO Adam Aron recently shared his belief that AMC weathered the pandemic better than most theater chains. He also estimated that AMC’s market share had increased by 25% over pre-pandemic levels.

With these factors in mind, is AMC a buy right now?

How do I get some?

After a huge run up over the last two weeks, the short squeeze on AMC seems like it might be over for now.

But it has the potential to pop out at any given time.

With less shares shorted now than when we saw its biggest move in January, AMC will need to attract a lot more buyers to push it back to those heights.

But with the worst of the pandemic behind us here in the U.S., forward-looking investors could soon start piling back into one of the most scrutinized “recovery stocks” in the market.

With the potential for both short squeeze gains and improving fundamental performance, AMC is making a compelling case to be one of the best buys of the early summer months.

The Short Squeeze Craze is Far from Over

As I mentioned, the amount of shorted shares on the original short squeeze targets aren’t what they used to be.

The biggest hedge funds and institutions on Wall Street have been forced to move onto new targets – and are using every tactic they can think of to mislead and outwit retail investors like you and me.

But they can’t hide from the power of my S.C.A.N. system.

As you might know, S.C.A.N. is built to find unusual options activity (UOA) in the market. And without boring you with all the details, this means that we can find these “Super Squeeze Trades” in real-time with ease.

I’ve spent a good amount of time revving up S.C.A.N. to identify these types of opportunities.

And the best part? You get in before the rush allowing you to target the biggest profits for the best price.

It’s not too late to get in before the next short squeeze. Click here now for all the details.

In the Spotlight: Two Tech Giants Team Up

Wearable technology has been a growing trend for the last several years – and has been generating tons of revenue.

Yesterday, a new challenger emerged to take on the top company in the space.

On Tuesday, Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) announced it will be partnering with Samsung to bring a new smartwatch operating system to market.

The new OS will be combined with Samsung’s Tizen OS to improve battery life and performance.

The deal is yet another move for Google to compete with the Apple Watch. Google acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion in January as it looks to dig into Apple’s commanding 40% market share in smart watches and wearable tech.

I believe wearables are going to continue to grow in popularity in the future as the tech improves. And with Google’s moves to increase performance – as well as bring on Fitbit’s expertise in the health and fitness aspects – we could see a big shift in Apple’s dominance of the wearables market.

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