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How I’ve Achieved the Best Track Record of My Trading Career

Today, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at my trading strategy that has delivered an incredible 71% win rate over the last eight and a half months.

What’s happening?

If you’ve been a subscriber to Profit Pregame for even a short while, you’ve likely seen mention of the incredible profit power of my Super Options trading service.

On Monday, I released my latest trade recommendation through a special presentation.

And after just two days, that recommendation has already given those that took the trade the chance to more than double their money.

So today, I’m going to give you a look behind the curtain and show you exactly how my proprietary system is able to identify incredibly successful trades like this – and how easy it is to take part in, even for novice investors.

I’m talking about doubling your money or more, often in just a matter of days or weeks.

Where’s the money?

Every day, I run an array of scanners that scour the market for the best profit opportunities.

What I’m looking for are ways to leverage the biggest, fastest-moving, most explosive stocks on the planet into massive gains.

And on Monday, my scanners showed me unusual options activity – when an option is trading at a higher volume relative to its open interest – on Halliburton Company (HAL). In particular, the July 16, 2021 $25 calls were attracting a ton of buyers.

Right away, I knew this trade had home run potential. With an expiration date more than 40 days out, a strong ATR, and the rising number of buyers in oil stocks right now as the economy recovers, this had the makings of a very lucrative setup.

But I’m not just throwing darts at every heavily-bought option on the market.

I’ve got a system in place to make sure that every trade I recommend gives my subscribers the best chance to profit….

How do I get some?

Heavy buying activity showing up on my scanners is just the start.

Every Super Options trade I analyze goes through a four-part process to ensure that the signals we’re seeing aren’t just some random buying spree, but strong trade setups that are proven to repeatedly deliver profits like…

  • A 271% return in one day on HUYA
  • A 109% return on RPD in 29 days
  • And a whopping 410% return on GILD in one day

You can learn all about the four-pronged system in this special presentation.

Now, this is some high-level analysis. But perhaps the best part about my Super Options research service is how easy it is for any level of trader to take part in and profit from my recommendations.

I break down every trade I recommend into detailed, easy to follow instructions that even novice traders are able to follow.

After the success of the HAL trade, I’ll be releasing my next Super Options trade soon. Want to be on board when I do? Click here for everything you need to know.

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