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Here’s Another Indication We Could Be Close to Bearish Territory

The Nasdaq and the Dow indexes have been rather disjointed this year.

Thus far in 2021 the number of trading days in which the Nasdaq and the Dow have experienced a 1% or greater difference in performance is nearly three times greater than normal.

That’s more divergences between the two indices than at any other point in history, save for the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s.

Historically, a high number of divergences between the two have resulted in diminished returns in the following months.

I’ve been warning readers over the last few weeks of an impending correction in the market, and this is one more bearish signal that indicates that it may be drawing near.

Keep an eye out for a down Friday in the market followed by a down Monday, as that may well be an indication that a correction has begun.

Be Prepared for Whatever Happens

No matter what the market throws our way, my S.C.A.N. trading algorithm will continue to serve as our compass through the ups and downs.

It not only examines millions of data points, it also considers events and trends when pinpointing the best profit opportunities for me and my Project 303 readers.

Click right here to get on board before S.C.A.N. reveals the next trade with massive profit potential.

Trading tip of the week

Trading against what the talking heads on TV and in the headlines say can be one of the most profitable strategies.

A lot of so-called analysts are simply “talking their book” to attract more buyers and score a profit.

Everyone wants to chase and buy that one stock that is being pushed by pundits on the air, and it’s probably the wrong approach. So, stop trading with the sheep, follow the money, and trade against them.

Earnings report to watch

This week’s earnings reports features the latest release of the latest results from Halliburton Company (HAL).

Among the usual revenue, EPS, and other figures, I expect HAL to provide some insight into how much demand for oil and gas has rebounded thus far this year, as well as any projections for upcoming quarters.

Those indications could provide some important insight to identifying profit opportunities in the energy sector. Keep an eye out for HAL’s report on Wednesday before the open.

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