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GameStop Has Lost its Kick – Here’s How You Can Find Real Profit Potential

GameStop Corp. (GME) posted its latest earnings report this week – and the results should surprise no one.

GME fell more than 30% after reporting its 12th consecutive quarter of declining sales on Tuesday.

Still, the king of “meme stocks” remained resilient, rallying back to finish the week where it started.

As we’ve discussed here before, fundamentals mean very little for a stock like this. What really drives prices are buyers and sellers – and GME’s buyers aren’t giving up just yet.

But even with its faithful retail traders, GME doesn’t seem to be able to generate the same kind of massive movements like the one in January that put it on every trader’s radar.

Short interest on the stock has fallen to an almost negligible level, so a huge number of short sellers are no longer being forced to buy to cover their positions when GME spikes.

As such, GME is likely no longer the best short squeeze opportunity on the market.

So, to identify the most likely short squeeze trades out there, I’ve turned to a one-of-a-kind strategy…

A Revolutionary Way to Trade Short Squeezes

While GameStop may no longer be capable of delivering the kind of massive profits it once was, there are still plenty of opportunities to make triple digit gains on some of the market’s most highly shorted stocks.

And my S.C.A.N. system tracks where the biggest money flows from traders is moving. I see every move they make, the moment they make them. That gives me a huge advantage in identifying the next big short squeeze before the rush of buyers sends the stock soaring.

Want a chance to take part in the next massive profit opportunity? Click here to learn more about my newest research service, Super Squeeze Profits.

Trading tip of the week

With the recent sell-off in the tech stocks after a phenomenal year for the sector, traders are scrambling to find the new hot sector that will deliver outsized gains.

But what you need to understand is that each sector trades differently. It is possible that one sector to go up while the others go down, but they’re not necessarily correlated. Just because one is falling does not mean another has to be rising.

In a sell-off, there are always opportunities to buy low and make money in different names, we just need to find those names.

We’ll continue to follow the money to identify the best opportunities.

Earnings report to watch

Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA) reports its latest earnings report on Wednesday, March 31. 2021.

WBA stock has rallied well since the October low, and is now nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

What I will be paying the most attention to is any mention of additional revenue that the COVID-19 pandemic vaccinations will generate for the pharmacy chain.

While the pandemic has hurt sales of common cold and flu remedies with more Americans taking precautions like wearing masks, the vaccine profits could help to offset that loss while also driving more foot traffic to its locations.

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