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How a Grounded Ship Halfway Across the World Could Deliver Big Profits to You

One Giant Ship is Causing Even Bigger Headaches

One of the world’s busiest shipping lanes is completely blocked. Where others see problems, I see opportunity…

What’s happening?

The Suez Canal – which runs through Egypt and connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea – is one of the world’s most important waterways.

The canal provides a shipping lane between Europe and Asia, eliminating the need to sail completely around Africa, saving a week or more off the journey.

Every year, more than 18,000 ships pass through the Suez Canal – roughly 12% of the world’s trade volume.

But this week, a major (and literal) obstruction has the potential to derail global shipping for weeks – and disrupt a large portion of the market as well.

Here’s what’s happening…

Where’s the money?

On Tuesday morning, a cargo ship named The Ever Given ran aground while navigating through the Suez Canal.

At over 1,300 feet long, The Ever Given is now blocking travel in both directions through the world’s busiest waterway.

Even with every available tugboat in the area dispatched to free the vessel, efforts have thus far failed to extricate it.

Some experts are now predicting that it could take weeks to free the ship from the canal.

Needless to say, that could have a huge impact on shipping, and many investors are particularly worried about what it could mean for the oil industry.

Around 10% of the world’s crude oil passes through the Suez Canal, and the need to re-route ships around Africa would add an additional 15 days to the trip from the Middle East to Europe.

In normal times, such delays would have led to potential shortages and soaring gas prices.

But several factors are currently at play that are muting the effect of the Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal.

Here’s what I mean…

How do I get some?

Expectations that the demand for oil would rebound in a big way as the world combats the pandemic with vaccinations have yet to come to fruition.

COVID-19 surges in several parts of the world – like the renewed lockdowns in France and Italy – have slowed the recovery and put a damper on travel demand.

As such, a short-term constraint on supply isn’t having the massive effect it otherwise would have. Stockpiles of oil worldwide should be enough to weather even a worst-case scenario.

In the meantime, as more and more Americans are vaccinated every day, there’s a massive amount of pent-up demand that could be unleashed in the near future. And the decreased demand in other parts of the world could be offering a great buying opportunity.

In fact, just yesterday I gave members of my Project 303 research service the chance to grab 50% profits in just a matter of hours on two U.S. energy firms.

Here’s how I did it…

Follow the money, not the story…

Even as oil prices were falling this morning, my S.C.A.N. system was picking up on a huge amount of institutional interest in two U.S.-based oil companies – PBF Energy Inc. (PBF) and Halliburton Company (HAL).

In the Project 303 Live Trading Room, I showed subscribers how they could maximize their profit potential with specific instructions on the exact option to buy.

And about an hour and a half later, I was already alerting them to sell half of both of these position at our first profit target.

But that’s just a small sample of the kind of gains Project 303 members have the chance to score. Every week, I host three Live Trading Room sessions in which my S.C.A.N. system examines millions of data points and considers events and trends to pinpoint the best profit opportunities.

That’s what I do with every pick I recommend to my Project 303 subscribers – and today’s your chance to join them before the next one is released.

In the Spotlight: Amazon stepping up immunization efforts

Major corporations are joining the fight against the pandemic, and the impact on the market could lead to some lucrative trades. Inc. (AMZN) announced it will soon be implementing on-site vaccinations for its employees.

The move to get more and more employees – essential or not – vaccinated is a huge part of getting the U.S. economy back on track.

I’ll be monitoring the latest vaccination efforts as they pertain to the market, and should a profit opportunity arise from the latest news, I’ll be sure to let you know right here at Profit Pregame. Stay tuned…

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