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The Rotation into Value Stocks is Just Getting Started

After a tough year for so many companies, traders are picking up discounted stocks that the pandemic laid low.

What’s happening?

With nearly two and a half million doses of COVID-19 vaccines being administered every day, the U.S. has now inoculated more than 20% of the population.

Due to the speed at which Americans are being vaccinated, it is now expected that everyone that wishes to receive a vaccine will be eligible to do so by May 1.

And as efforts to immunize as many as possible ramp up even more, investors are anticipating big things for the stocks that have suffered the most during the pandemic.

There’s huge profit potential right now in value stocks – those that are trading at a lower price relative to their fundamentals – and traders are snapping them up with the hope of a post-pandemic economic recovery on the horizon.

Some of the most beaten-down stocks have already seen big moves up.

But there’s still plenty of opportunities out there…

Where’s the money?

Over the last month, the rotation out of growth stocks has caused those names that have performed best over the last year to fall dramatically.

Meanwhile, the largest influx of money has centered around industries that suffered the most during the pandemic, like financial services, restaurants, travel, and more.

But despite certain value stocks having experienced a big move up, most analysts believe there’s plenty of room left for them to run in 2021 and beyond. Well, I happen to agree with them.

And there’s one stock in particular I like the most as far as value stocks are concerned…

How do I get some?

At this point in time, I do not like the airlines or the hotel names. These industries will still need to adhere to more strict guidelines and limit capacities, even with more and more Americans being immunized.

But one name that I do love to take advantage of the coming explosion in pent-up travel demand is Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB).

As a company that facilitates housing rentals through its online platform, I see this stock as having the greatest potential to benefit from Americans’ desire to go on vacations but still avoid crowds where possible.

The stock has almost doubled in 2 months and I think it has more room to the upside and it should be bought on every pullback.

In the Spotlight: What goes up…

Shares of GameStop Corp. (GME) fell precipitously yesterday. So much so that trading was briefly halted on the popular short squeeze target.

While the latest party on GameStop stock may be over, there are still plenty of opportunities out there.

Keep a close eye on future Profit Pregame issues, as I’ll be giving you some of my favorite short squeeze names as the market’s hottest trend finds new targets.

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