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Why AMC’s Two Advantages Could Spell Double Trouble for Buyers

This Stock is Seeing Its Name in Lights

The world’s largest theater chain is getting a massive boost. But is now the right time to punch your ticket?

What’s happening?

The end of the COVID-19 crisis is finally in sight for most Americans.

With the expectation that everyone will be eligible to begin receiving doses of the vaccine by May 1, the businesses that have been forced to reduce their operations – or even outright close – are starting to gear up for increased demand.

As groups are able to gather in larger numbers, businesses that rely on crowds will be able to generate revenue that they’ve missed out on for over a year now.

And one stock is uniquely positioned to benefit from both the pandemic recovery and the market’s hottest trend.

Here’s what I mean…

Where’s the money?

Among the businesses that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus, few have been as long-suffering as movie theaters.

The world’s largest movie theater chain, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC), has not only been forced to shutter most of its theaters for months on end, but also watched as the popularity of at-home streaming entertainment exploded in its absence.

But yesterday, for the first time in a long time, AMC was able to announce some good news. Later this week, AMC plans to begin re-opening locations in California, pending approval from local officials.

AMC stock – which is also a favorite of retail investors that have been hunting short positions – shot up more than 25% on the news.

The buying frenzy that ensued from the prospect of theater re-openings was supercharged by the fact that over 25% of AMC’s shares are shorted.

With the clear potential for vastly improved revenue in the coming months, some investors are looking at this as a great time to jump in.

Here’s what I think…

How do I get some?

Look, I absolutely love going to the movies. In fact, I go the movie theaters about once a week.

But even now, there’s almost no one there every time. It leaves me wondering how these theaters pay for employees and rent.

Which also makes me think that yesterday’s big move up is probably a bit premature. Sure, there’s a lot of comeback potential there, but consider that AMC is now trading above where it was just before the pandemic hit, while revenue still isn’t flowing and its streaming competitors have gained a massive foothold.

As I mentioned, this is a big short squeeze target and could go higher, so I wouldn’t short it. But I also wouldn’t buy it way up here, either.

There are plenty of other massive short squeeze profit opportunities out there that haven’t popped yet.

And I know just how to find them…

Get in before hedge funds feel the squeeze…

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Stocks that have been left behind over the last year are attracting a ton of attention right now for their massive profit potential.

I’m putting together a list of some of the best opportunities in stocks that can still be bought at huge discounts.

And later this week, I’ll let you know exactly which stocks are ripe for the picking this spring. Stay tuned.

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