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Why You Shouldn’t Go All-In at the First Sign of Recovery

We’re beginning to see more and more signs of an economy on the mend as vaccination efforts continue.

The latest indication of recovery comes from Friday’s jobs report, which revealed that the U.S. added more than 379,000 non-farm payrolls – far more than the 200,000 analysts expected. The unemployment rate was also slightly lower than expected.

Clearly, the rise in employment numbers is a signal that more businesses are starting to open their doors again and are able to once hire more employees.

And after the big drop that the market took last week, investors are wondering when that will translate to a rebound for Wall Street.

I, for one, won’t be dumping all of my money back into the market just yet.

Unfortunately, I think things are going to get worse for a while before they get better. I said on Friday here in Profit Pregame that I think the S&P 500 has the potential to drop all the way to 3,200 before regaining positive momentum.

But while we wait for a bull market to return, there are still great profit opportunities out there.

You just have to know how to spot them…

The one tool you need to weather any market condition

No matter what the pandemic – or anything else, for that matter – throws our way, my S.C.A.N. trading algorithm will continue to serve as our compass through the markets.

It not only examines millions of data points, it also considers events and trends when pinpointing the best profit opportunities for me and my Project 303 readers.

That’s what I do with every pick I recommend to my Project 303 subscribers – and today’s your chance to join them before the next one is released.

Click here now to see how S.C.A.N. works, and how it can give you a shot at huge profits in any market condition.

Trading tip of the week

These days, everyone wants to get in on whatever stock is hot or has boomed.

I know it can be tempting to chase the “hot shot” stocks that are spiking. But doing so will leave you hurting.

So, stop focusing on the investment you should have, could have taken or what would have happened if you took it – and focus on your fundamental trading strategy and the opportunities that are ahead.

Earnings report to watch

We’ve already begun to highlight a few retail companies with some huge profit potential as the world rounds the corner on the pandemic.

This Thursday’s earnings report from, Inc. (JD) will provide some very interesting insights.

As a leading Chinese e-commerce company, JD’s latest results will shine a light on how high consumer confidence is in the world’s second largest economy.

I’ll also be interested to see the sales projections for future quarters that JD offers, given that more and more brick and mortar stores are likely to reopen as the year progresses, which will likely eat into JD’s business.

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