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The Market Continues to See Red – Here’s What You Can Expect

Is the Next Market Correction Already Underway?

Big losses in each of the three major indexes have traders concerned that the bearish momentum has just begun.

What’s happening?

It’s been a rough week for investors as the market dropped to its lowest point in more than a month.

And it’s been even worse for the tech sector. In fact, the Nasdaq Composite has now lost all of the gains it had made thus far in 2021, falling below 12,698.

The market’s slide, combined with analyst warnings over a bubble has investors concerned that even more pain could be ahead.

But there are a couple of forces that could break the market out of its slump and keep the bull market going.

Let’s take a look…

Where’s the money?

The most obvious answer for what ails the market would be an infusion of cash.

As we’ve seen over the past year, as millions more investors have entered the market, aggressive buying would go a long way to buoy sinking stocks.

The latest stimulus bill is currently being debated in the Senate, but if passed, would result in $1,400 checks for millions of Americans. And surely a good chunk of that money would find its way into the market.

The second cure for the market’s slide could be more accommodative action from the Federal Reserve. As it’s done throughout the pandemic, the Fed’s purchasing of bonds has kept yields low and stock prices humming higher.

Many were expecting Fed Chair Powell to announce such additional actions yesterday, but were sorely disappointed when he failed to do so. As a result, each of the major indexes fell sharply.

So where does that leave us?

Here’s what I see for the market in the near future…

How do I get some?

While the market could still get the good news from Chairman Powell after the next Fed meeting in mid-March, I think we still have some more downside.

We will get rallies here and there over the next few months, but I think ultimately we are heading down to the 3200 mark in the S&P.

Once the market hits that low, I believe we’ll begin to see buyers re-enter the market in a big way for the rest of the year.

Until then, knowing which stocks to invest in is going to take a careful approach and insights that your everyday investor simply doesn’t have access to.

That’s where S.C.A.N. comes in…

The Data You Need to Succeed in Turbulent Markets

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In the Spotlight: While the Rest of the Market was Down…

In a somewhat surprising bright spot on the market yesterday, discount clothing retailer Burlington Stores (BURL) shot up more than 12% after its latest earnings report.

The main reason for the boost was data showing that BURL sales had increased in both November and December, which could signal that the worst of the pain from the pandemic may be over.

This likely won’t be the last retailer to see a massive move up in the near future. Not by a long shot.

I’ve got my finger on the pulse of a number of retailers that could deliver huge profits as the COVID-19 recovery continues. I’ll be back next week with some of my favorite trade recommendations for you.

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