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Why Bitcoin May Just Be the Start of Tesla’s Woes

Tesla’s Bitcoin Gains Go as Fast as They Came

Tesla’s stock is reeling from Bitcoin’s nose-dive. Here’s why this may not be the buying opportunity it looks like.

What’s happening?

Shares of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) have been having a rough week so far, falling by as much as $149 between Friday’s close and Tuesday morning.

While some analysts have been speculating that TSLA is overvalued for a while now, what you need to understand is that this week’s drop likely has very little to do with Tesla’s performance in the electric vehicle space.

What’s really sending Tesla’s stock through the floor right now is the company’s investment in Bitcoin.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced that it had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Then on Saturday, Elon Musk seemingly torpedoed Tesla stock – not for the first time – with a tweet in which he said the price of Bitcoin “seemed too high.”

Well, either Musk was correct, or his comment provoked a major sell-off of Bitcoin. In either case, Bitcoin has fallen off a ledge since Sunday, dropping to just under $46,000 at its low point yesterday.

The drop in Bitcoin has investors concerned about Tesla’s large position in the cryptocurrency and how it will affect TSLA’s valuation. That prompted a plunge of more than 19% in TSLA stock since Friday before the stock found some buyers yesterday and stopped the bleeding.

While I’d normally look at a drop like this as a great buying opportunity, there’s a few reasons why I’m wary of Tesla right now.

Here’s why…

Where’s the money?

The last few days have seen a major rotation out of many of the stocks that have been red-hot for months now.

And without the extreme buying momentum to support them, quite a few of those stocks are coming back down to earth.

The electric vehicle space is one in which a lot of valuations are way out of line with reality. A great example was yesterday’s news that Lucid Motors – a high-end EV company – will be entering the market through the SPAC Churchill Capital Corp. (CCIV).

The hype surrounding the rumors of Lucid’s merger drove its value up to nearly $96 billion, briefly making it the fourth most valuable automaker in the world before CCIV shares fell roughly 30% yesterday – all before Lucid has even sold a single car.

So, as you can see, there’s a ton of uncertainty and volatility in the EV space right now.

Here’s how I’m going to treat it for the time being…

How do I get some?

As far as Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) stock is concerned, I think that $619 low could hold for a while.

However, we could continue to see selling pressure in the big EV names, SPACs, and everything that has insane P/E without much earnings.

Until we see earnings figures that support such a high valuation, or investors start rotating back into the stock in a big way, I’m going to be giving TSLA a wide berth.

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In the Spotlight: Gearing up for a summer of profits…

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Over the entire year, home prices rose by double digits.

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