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How Market Newcomers are Creating Profitable Conditions

One of the most interesting pieces of news to come out of last week had to do, once again, with retail investors.

As one of the hottest topics on Wall Street lately, analysts are attempting to quantify the impact the crush of new retail investors is having on the market.

And the numbers are rather staggering…

According to research from EPFR Global, global equities experienced the largest weekly inflow of money in history – $5.8 billion, to be exact.

Since most of the new retail traders are flocking to the Robinhood platform to make their trades, that’s likely the best place to look to understand the impact they’re having. Because of the speculative nature of their investments, retail traders have boosted the market cap of some of the smallest U.S. stocks by more than 30%.

Furthermore, a record number of call options contracts have been exchanged over the last 20 days.

All of this should be music to the ears of anyone looking to get in on the big money being made in the short squeeze craze.

Here’s why…

The More the Merrier…

You’ve likely read this here before, but it bears repeating…

In the short term, the only thing that matters for a stock is the supply and demand curve. When a stock sees more aggressive buying, the price goes up.

So, a massive influx of new buyers makes this perhaps the best time to ride the market’s momentum for some huge profit potential.

And with my S.C.A.N. system fine-tuned to signal when a stock begins to see unusual options activity, Super Squeeze Profits subscribers are going to have the opportunity to get in on my recommendations before the next potential short squeeze.

My next trade recommendation could come as early as Tuesday. Will you be a part of it?

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Trading tip of the week

Stop watching TV.

If you’re watching, all anyone talking about is Tilray, Inc. (TLRY), GameStop Corp. (GME), and all the money you can make on XYZ stock.

Just stop, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is S.C.A.N. and what the smart money is doing.

So, the less news, the better.

Earnings report to watch

The fourth quarter is always a big earnings report for any retailer.

Shareholders expect big revenue pops on holiday sales, and delivering big numbers can have the stock soaring – while any disappointment can send it spiraling.

That’s why I’ll be keeping a lookout for the results of Shopify Inc. (SHOP) on Wednesday.

In a year that’s seen record levels of online shopping, analysts are expecting big things from the wildly popular ecommerce stock.

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