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The GameStop Party May Be Over, but Super Squeeze Profits is Just Getting Started

Highly shorted companies that have been struggling over the last year or more have been getting all of the attention lately due to the rash of short squeezes.

But aside from outdated retailers like GameStop Corp. (GME), one industry that doesn’t have much short interest at all is the video game business.

That’s because U.S. video game sales have risen 23% YoY during a time when large swaths of people are stuck indoors and desperate for new forms of entertainment.

The latest indication of the huge success of the gaming space is the impressive earnings report of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI), which crushed expected revenue of $2.78 billion with a $3.05 billion result.

With the enormous growth it experienced over the last year, the video game industry is one of the hottest investments right now as revenue figures should continue to surge from new game sales and in-game purchases.

Trading tip of the week

At the start of last week, I began saying that the easy money in GameStop was over.

Then on Tuesday, shares of GME dropped more than 55% at the open – and have continued to fall from there.

How did I know?

It’s simple, really…

GameStop’ rise and fall is the perfect example of a supply and demand curve between buyers and sellers.

When there are more aggressive buyers – REGARDLESS of the current valuation – the price goes higher, as we saw in GME.

When we have more aggressive sellers, the price goes lower.

That’s all that really matters in the short-term. So stop reading the news, listening to talking heads, and worrying about what the company is worth in the long-term.

That’s not how to find profits in this market.

This is…

A New Era Begins Today

The events of the last several weeks illustrated how, with a concerted plan, everyday Americans can beat hedge fund managers and institutional traders at their own game. These ordinary folks have made a killing in a trade I call the “Super Squeeze.”

Starting today, with the help of my proprietary S.C.A.N. trading algorithm, I’m giving Short Squeeze Profits subscribers the real time data that can help you get out in front for a shot at massive wins.

Not only will I be releasing my first watchlist of the best potential short squeeze targets today, but I’ll also be making the first of many trade recommendations that could have you laughing all the way to the bank.

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Earnings report to watch

This Wednesday, February 10, The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is expected to release its Q4 2020 earnings.

And Wall Street has high expectations.

That’s because for the past year, KO has beat analyst expectations in three of the four quarters. But despite the success, the stock has seen some pretty muted pops from those beats.

This time around, with the expectation that revenue will have dropped YoY, a surprise earnings beat could deliver a heftier surge than in quarters past. As such, KO is definitely worth putting on your radar ahead of earnings this week.

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