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The Power to Predict the Year’s Big Movements Could Be Yours

This Indicator Could Be the Market’s Crystal Ball for 2021

Can one indicator really tell us what the market will do for the rest of the year?

What’s happening?

The January Barometer is a popular market theory for analysts around this time of year.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, it basically states that as the month of January goes for the market, so goes the rest of the year.

I know, that sounds way too oversimplified for something as nuanced as the stock market, but there’s some compelling data that supports the theory.

Since 1945, the January Barometer has been accurate roughly 75% of the time.

So, what does that mean for our trading, and how do we make money from it?

Where’s the money?

Traders that follow the January Barometer most often use it to time the market – only making large investments in years in which the indicator shows a likelihood of a strong year for the market – for a statistically better shot at making profits.

But investors should not simply go all-in on the market just because January ended up. Doing so could likely lead to significant losses.

Furthermore, the January Barometer is typically far better at predicting up years than down years. After a down January, the market has ended lower only about half of the time since 1950.

And not everyone follows the January Barometer.

Critics of the indicator argue that stocks in January tend to rise after the holiday season, matching the trend of rising U.S. equities – which have generated a positive annual return about 75% of the time from 1945 to 2017.

So, you might be wondering – AK, what’s the right move to make here?

And here’s what I have to say about that…

How do I get some?

There is a particular type of uncertainty that comes with trading in a new year. And it seems like every single talking head out there has a different opinion. But here’s the thing – the talking heads only care about lining their pockets. And that’s never going to help you.

So, I’ve decided to step in.

This Friday at 11 AM, I’m going live to reveal exactly what I think about the January Barometer, the future of the market, and where the best opportunities are hidden. And we’ll be digging into the data that matters – so, you can make informed investing decisions in the year to come if you choose to invest.

And I’ll also show you exactly how you can use the January Barometer to cash in on some major profits over the next few weeks.

But here’s the thing – I’m reserving this session strictly for members of my Project 303 research service. And spots are filling up fast. And I wanted to make sure I got this in front of you before it’s too late – because this is something you don’t want to miss.

So, I won’t waste any more time. Click here to secure your spot to this once-a-year market event analysis and get ready to change the way you trade.

In the Spotlight: Bitcoin’s Boom is Just the Beginning

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is experiencing a huge rally this week – having risen over $5,600 per coin since the Monday low.

Analysts are crediting the expectation of increased government spending leading to higher inflation, as well as the potential for additional bond purchasing from the Federal Reserve as reasons for Bitcoin’s boost.

Investors are flocking to cryptocurrencies as a hedge against falling value of the dollar as the government’s fiscal policy figures to be looser under the incoming administration.

I’ve already gone on record as saying I believe Bitcoin will have a great year, and these recent developments support that. I’ll be keeping a lookout for the best opportunities in the crypto world for you as we go along, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

But Believe It or Not…

Bitcoin isn’t the only way to score big profits from the crypto market.

There are actually some lesser-known microcurrencies that have even more explosive potential… by up to 20X!

In his newest presentation, my colleague Tom Gentile is revealing his three best bets for huge returns during what he’s predicting will be a crypto boom in 2021…

Click here for the full story.

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