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There’s a Lot at Stake in This Week’s Senate Race

The Georgia Senate runoff election will determine which party has control of the Senate – and have huge implications for the market.

What’s happening?

Two Senate seats are up for grabs in Georgia as the runoff election got under way yesterday.

At stake is the control of the majority of seats in the Senate, which will have a huge impact on what new legislation will be enacted over the next two years until the next congressional election.

Needless to say, there’s a lot on the line. But I’m sure this news comes as no surprise to you as you have been bombarded with constant updates regarding activity on Capitol Hill for months. So, I’m not going to waste time on that.

Instead, let’s dig into how the outcome of this race could impact the market and your bottom dollar.

Where’s the money?

Currently, we’re seeing investors rushing into the market, trying to pack their portfolios full of stocks from the industries they think will get a boost from the outcome of this race. And it makes sense, seeing that there’s clearly sectors that will benefit from this race and other sectors that will feel the weight of it.

But here’s the honest truth – despite all the polls, surveys, and predictions – no one can know for sure who is going to win this runoff. So, while it may be tempting to load up your portfolio with the names you think will benefit from the declared winner – here’s what I think you should do instead.

You see, I’ve been studying the market for weeks, watching as the steady stream of news causes volatility and fluctuations. I’ve pinpointed what I like to call a “safe haven” investment. And this position isn’t just one offering security, it’s also well positioned to deliver profits no matter which way the election turns…

How do I get some?

After the sell-off we saw early this week, there’s a ton of uncertainty in the market. Analysts are unsure whether it’s profit-taking, tax selling, new COVID-19 concerns, or the Georgia election that caused it.

What we can definitively say is that the broader market took a bit hit on Monday – and if you’ve been following along for a while now, you know that all that means to me is it’s a great buying opportunity.

I’m recommending buying shares of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY), which tracks the performance of the S&P 500. I still think the market is in buy the dip territory and will continue to go higher all year long.

With continued economic and COVID-19 recovery, combined with the potential for massive government spending and further stimulus measures, 2021 is looking really bullish to me. Buy now at this discounted level.

Regardless of who wins…

The real winner can be you!

Cultural and economic trends, as well as new laws and regulations, are just some of the factors I designed my S.C.A.N. trading algorithm to consider when selecting the best plays for my Project 303 readers.

And whoever gains control of the Senate, you can bet S.C.A.N. will continue to pinpoint the best opportunities for you to fatten your portfolio.

Click here now to learn how to take advantage.

In the Spotlight:

The January Effect – the market indicator that states that the first five days of trading in a new year dictate what the market will do the rest of the year – is one that you hear a lot about this time of year. And for good reason…

A look back on historical data shows that this theory proves correct roughly 70% of the time.

While the first day of the trading year got off to a rough start, the market showed some signs of recovery yesterday, and we still have three more trading days left.

On Friday, I’ll be hosting a special presentation for members of my Super Options service that highlights the January Effect. I’ll be sharing with them exactly what I think of this indicator, what it means for this year’s trading, and whether I believe this will be a year in which it’s correct.

And that’s in addition to the detailed options trade recommendations Super Options subscribers get every week. In case you missed it, in December we closed out 10 positions for a 90% win rate, with an average gain of over 79%!

But you need to be a member in order to attend. To get all of the details on the lucrative benefits of being a Super Options member, and to reserve your spot for this Friday’s presentation, just click here.

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